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    Front & rear suitcase weights for BX

    I'm looking for a flexible setup to mount suitcase weights on either the front or rear of the tractor depending on the situation. I'd also like to have no weights/brackets mounted on the tractor such that the loader or other implements can be on the the 3ph and not interfere. I think I've...
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    Hauling a Kubota BX on a 10 foot trailer

    I recently purchased a BX2670-1 and needed to transport it between my father's house and my house. I checked the weight on the tractor + loader (~2100lbs) and the capacity of similar trailers (2995lbs and the trailer probably weighs 900lbs) as I bought my trailer used so it had no rating, and...
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    BX2370-1 and BX2670-1 pricing

    I was quoted the following for new machines: BX2370-1 with a 60” mmm & LA243A loader $13,250 plus tax. BX2670-1 with a 60” mmm & LA243A loader $14,395 plus tax. Is this a good deal or am I going to find some high volume dealer that's 5-10% cheaper?