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  1. Jhtractor

    Ready for winter

    Put my snowblower on today. Ready for winter. Tractor back in the shed and ready for the first Wisconsin snow fall
  2. Jhtractor

    How do you store your loader when off the tractor?

    Getting ready for my first winter with my new LX3310. I have a front mounted snowblower and will be putting that on soon. Question for others, how are you storing your loader when off the tractor? I know I need a flat and level surface to remove it, thinking about building some sort of a dolly...
  3. Jhtractor

    LX3310 First Regen at 15.5 hours?

    Using my new LX3310 with the FEL and box blade to grade some dirt. Saw the regen light flashing tonight and it ran through the first regen. Kept the RPM up and kept working. Could smell the filter burning during the process that took about 15 minutes and then the light went off. Wondering if I...
  4. Jhtractor

    New Kubota LX3310 delivered today

    New LX3310 delivered today. Got to play with it this afternoon. Leveled some dirt with the box blade and loader. Super happy with day 1. Loader, Boxblade, quick hitch, and pallet forks delivered. Waiting on snowblower and mid-mount mower. Thank you to all the kind folks in this Forum for the...