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    Lowering the idle on a BX23S

    It's working exactly like its supposed to work. Many people complain about their BX (of whatever flavor) not stopping when they let their foot off the pedal. There are adjustments that can be made to the linkage without changing the idle.
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    Pics from WNY Snowstorm & still snowing

    So happy I live where the weather suits my clothes and I don't have to deal with that crap. I thank my dad (WV) and my mom (ND) for having the good sense to stay down here after he retired from the USAF every time I see posts like the OP's.
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    L245dt front axle moving

    I don't know the cause, but I do know I wouldn't be entertaining any thought of buying that tractor.
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    Anyone here own a boat, or know a lot about boats?

    I've had several boats over the years. They're great for making holes in the water to pour money in to.
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    Kubota G2160 How to change HST (transmission) oil, filter and clean strainer. (380 hrs) bought new in 2006. 60" mowing deck

    Owner's manual here:
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    How do you spend your money?

    How do I spend my money? Nunya.
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    BX mower deck

    Quit running into stuff and they won't break.
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    anybody running a "secondary air filter" on their BX?

    I use the inner air filter. It is often extremely dusty when I mow. (I even wear an N95 mask when I mow.) It's just added insurance. FWIW, I clean my air filters, radiator screen, and the radiator every time I mow.
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    Kubota Racing

    Maybe "Watermelon Man" can take that 'Bota to victory lane.
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    Favorite Squirrel rifle

    That's why folks call them Thunderduds.
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    BX2380 missing parts

    It's not missing anything. That's the way they're made.
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    Flip - flopping R1 front tires - Cause internal damage? - See pics.

    Shouldn't hurt a thing, but damn! Can the camber be adjusted?
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    What do you use to seal trailer wooden bed?

    50/50 mix of BLO and kerosene.
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    Hunting and game posts

    No exit holes, no blood, no tongues hanging out........This raggedy horned, 1 1/2 half year old piebald buck from last year has grown into a nice 2 1/2 year old, 9 point.
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    Winter Prep Already?!?!

    Reckon I'll do the same winter prep I do every year; change the summer bedspread for the winter comforter----but that won't be until sometime in November.
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    Hunting and game posts

    You have no clue whether that's an "exit hole." No need to stir shit if you ain't even got a spoon.
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    2 Wheel Drive

    I don't know what "posi drive" is, but I think you're asking about the differential lock. It is only for straight line and only when you need it.
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    Sheetz Diesel fuel

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    2010 Kubota 2800

    You can download an owner's manual here for free:
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    Woodstock in 1973

    Woodstock happened in August of '69.