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    Where does your Orange live? Join location Groups!!!

    Just across the river from Madison a few miles outside of Milton, KY.
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    Looking to buy a new or used L3902 0r 3901 opinions?

    Some "big ticket" items depreciate a bunch as soon as they are purchased like new cars and some SUV's so purchasing slightly used makes a lot of sense. It seems tractors and trucks don't work that way, especially in today's market. Factor in special offer financing, rebates and of course...
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    Adding weight to Brushcutter

    No box blade you can attach and add weight to? That brush cutter off the back goes back a long ways, I'm not sure I'd really want all that swinging around back there with extra weight on it. You are right about the 1260 too, pretty light duty to add that much weight to. Finally, I'd worry...
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    Considering an L3902 but want to be able to plow steep driveway. Dealer has an L3302 in stock. Need help

    Loader for the L3560 LE is either LA555 or LA805. Loader for L4060 LE is LA805. Have to move up to L4760 to get the LA1055. The Grand L tractors shine for snow removal due to the option for a mid PTO and a front mounted snow blower.
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    Considering an L3902 but want to be able to plow steep driveway. Dealer has an L3302 in stock. Need help

    The L3560 LE is a terrific tractor and probably exactly what you are looking for from feature and versatility standpoint. Mine is open station, but I'm in KY and don't plan to clear snow. The tractor lives at our farm which is just a weekend and hunting place. If clearing snow is a big part...
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    L3560 or L33/3902

    Good choice. That's a great combination. I love mine. Only at 30 hours so far in the first year but looking forward to racking up the hours over the next 10 years or more.
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    L3560 or L33/3902

    With the L3560 you have two options, regular and the LE version. Both available as Open Station or Cab. The "Limited Edition" is about $1500-$2000 less than the regular but lacks a few features depending on Open Station and Cab. The Grand L has several features over the regular L which I...
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    New tractor!

    Also the PTO switch which allows use of chipper, etc. I have added the switch and the cruise control, parts purchased from Messicks. Easy retrofit. I also found the sway bars on Amazon and added them.
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    Front end post hole digger

    I recall seeing there are several front mounted post hole diggers which will work with the lower flow hydraulics of a tractor as opposed to skid steer. A quick Google search revealed several. I am sure others will chime in with recommendations.
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    QH05 or QH15 Quick Hitch For BX 1880 ?

    I have QH15 and I need the adjustable top hook when I hook up my WoodMaxx chipper, otherwise it works well with no adjustments on all my QH compatible LP implements.
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    Broken Tail Wheel Hub

    Follow-up - the dealer I purchased everything from is going to try and get me a warranty replacement hub from Land Pride. In the meantime, I ordered a new LP hub from Messick's as they had two in stock. My local dealer offered to order me one but it would be 2-3 weeks to come in but had no...
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    Broken Tail Wheel Hub

    The tail wheel hub on my Land Pride RCF2072 Rotary Cutter broke today. My cutter is just a few days shy of a year old and I don't remember hitting anything in particular to break it. Anyone know if this might be covered under warranty or is it not a covered part? I haven't had a chance to...
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    Storm Cleanup and hung up limbs

    Not to hijack the thread, but the Amish builder who put up our barn had heavy equipment to die for, including a bulldozer, tractor, boom lift and super duty truck with 30' construction trailer. They worked off a generator on site. That said, the lights in his house were all battery operated...
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    Chipper for 3901

    I also purchased the WoodMaxx WM-8H. Haven't used it yet but it assembled easily and seems to be over very high quality. Looking forward to using it soon. As others has said, can't go wrong with either Woodland Mills or WoodMaxx.
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    My brand new L2265 Kubota 3rd Function Valve

    Let me know how it goes and anything special to watch out for. I've had the kit for my L3560 LE in the barn for a while now and haven't installed it because I don't have a grapple yet, planned for next year. I ordered the 3rd Function Kit when I bought my tractor with hopes it would come in...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Those are some solid looking steps. You must be really good at cutting stair stringers. :p
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    Talk me out of buying a Woodmax WM8H

    WoodMaxx offers both Manual Feed (WM-8M) and Hydraulic Feed (WM-8H). I purchased the hydraulic feed WM8H. The hydraulic feed also allows for reversing the feed and a safety bar which when hit stops or reverses the feed. I considered both the Woodland Mills and WoodMaxx and went with the...
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    Talk me out of buying a Woodmax WM8H

    The grapple is the next thing on my list, then probably done purchasing implements or attachments for quite a while. Most of my tree work is very close quarters right now so I can get by with dropping a few trees, cutting the smaller branches and limbs off and feeding them into the chipper, and...
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    Talk me out of buying a Woodmax WM8H

    Sorry, can't help you, or should I say I can't help the CFO. My CFO also highly questioned the purchase when I told her we needed one, but after some convincing, it was delivered earlier this week. It took about 2-3 hours to complete assembly but that gives you a good opportunity to see how...
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    L3560LE 4WD HST

    Sounds like a deal to me. When you compare the 2501 with HST and 4WD with the LA525 to the 3560 LE with the LA805 on the Build My Kubota web site, the 2501 comes up at $24,293 vs the 3560 at $31,956 for a difference of about $7400 so if you getting it at only a $5000 difference you're doing...