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    Delivery Disaster

    Did the delivery guy use straps or chains ?? ;)
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    Paralysis by analysis - Buying decision needs wise input!

    Welcome to East Tn, go Vols!! Cabs are nice, but for E TN our winters are short and mild and other then August, not too hot either. Cabs in the woods can get expensive. I would lean toward M or MX or a biggish grand L. If your goal is to get it done quickly you can hire out certain stuff...
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    I've used to have to use lights with my old riding mower. The Ferris cuts so much quicker I can cut after work and get done before I need lights. I had put some lights on it before I realized just how much faster it cut. All the lights did was attract bugs, no thanks.
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    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    Mine is not really a pit, just flat ground with tree trunks as boarder. I burn all my brush, yard debris in it. It's also good for hanging around with friends while hydrating with beverages.
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    What is this........?

    I'm still trying to figure out why your turtle is white and your rabbit is yellow ;)
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    New toy

    I wouldn't advertise that price too loudly, the cops will come after you for stealing it. Are you gonna paint it orange ?
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    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    I have an element extinguisher for the tractor, but that's not what I'm concerned about. Nothing gets close to the flames except the tips of the fork tines and what's getting dumped from them. The water is for the rest of the property. I can buy a new tractor if I screw up and burn it, but...
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    80 foot trench for propane line

    OR 3) it's cheap and easy if you live on the lake. My system is just coils of pipe lying on the lake bottom with a pump that circulates the fluid. There is a heat sink coil that raps the exterior of the pump motor. The heat from the pump motor pre heats the city water coming in to an...
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    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    My burn pit is a big square made of large tree trunks. I use my forks to add to the pile. The tree trunks help to contain the fire as well as protect my front tires from excess heat. I only roll in close enough for the forks to do their thing. The burn pit is about 40 feet from the...
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    Straps or Chains for trailering?

    The answer is Yes. Straps or chains ;)
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    Anyone here own a boat, or know a lot about boats?

    My backyard is a lake, I have boats, actually have one for sale that is right up your alley, but it's in TN and would be insane $ to transport to you. 30 ft party hut with outboard 135hp and a hard top roof. Has seats for 15 people, roof top for lounging and for the kids to jump off of...
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    80 foot trench for propane line

    I've done it both ways. For one line (before I had my backhoe) I rented a ditchwitch on Friday after work and returned it Monday before work for a single days rental. A few years later I did another trench (both about 240 feet) with my BH77 because I could. It took about 4 times longer with...
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    80 foot trench for propane line

    What Greensville said. Bury it all, bury it once.
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    Proper Ballast Recommendations

    Sort of ... the first goal of ballast is to prevent the rear wheels from lifting off the ground when you try to lift with the loader. Filled rear tires do an excellent job of this. The second goal of ballast is as you said, transferring forces from the front to the rear axle. As for the...
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    Need septic tank cleaning suggestions

    Pour in a bottle of cheap tequila and a bunch of Taco Bell. That'll loosen up any solids ;)
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    Very disappointed with my LX 2610

    That's what I was thinking also. I would check into the lemon law for your state and how it relates to tractors. They aren't going to offer a new tractor, once the lemon law criteria are met, you have to officially request they honor that law. I had a GMC Yukon that met criteria. I had to...
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    How do you put your stamp on a letter ?

    Flag ?? All my stamps still have Santa on them since that's the only time of year I ever buy them.
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    Making post plumb--Helping neighbor

    I agree. The news if full of examples of the world going to the crapper in a hurry, but reality is there are a lot of good folks doing good things for the right reasons.
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    Ballast Removal?

    I like the way they placed the front weight on the bale directly over the driver's head. You think he's worried about voiding his tractors warranty or the safety police giving him a hard time for not using a seat belt or not having a ROPS? Nah, just out there gett'n it done with a little help...
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    Ballast Removal?

    I leave my backhoe attached 90% of the time. The bucket has 80-ish lbs of chains and stuff in it. I don't lower it to the ground for support. It's just fine. If were to park it for a year it might make a flat spot on the tires, but mine gets moved 3-4 times a week so no issues there. If it...