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    Snowblower chute idiot bars…

    Who has removed the idiot bars from their Kubota snowblower chute? Mine got so severely clogged this morning I swear I’m going to yank that thing…
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    Noticed excessive dripping on my BX25d backhoe around the bottom. Took it out behind the garage and started scanning for a leak. Dropped the BH for a better look and noticed a wet hose. Wiped it all down and sure enough, a bubble of HST oil formed. called my local Kubota and asked what the...
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    Deck Lift pedal

    Fabbed an “extra” pedal on my Kubota Z422…while mowing, the lap bars blocked my leg from momentarily lifting the deck for obstacles, roots, etc. This allows me to simply move my foot forward to lift the deck a few inches for them. That’s a Wally-mart bike pedal BTW…2 for $10!
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    Heads-up on a zero turn upgrade

    When I mowed last week with my new z422, the dust was so bad I actually choked and got dust in my eyes…this prompted me to check my air filter and man o man it was packed! I cleaned it and blew the dust out but started thinking about upgrading to a more commercial air filter setup (which Kubota...
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    BX Mid mount mower question.

    Does a BX tractor come with the “arms” that raise and lower the deck even when a deck is NOT ordered with the tractor or do they have to be installed as part of the MMM bracketry? I’m selling my MMM and wondering if a prospective buyer would need those undercarriage “deck hanging” brackets as...
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    SOLD! 60” BX Mid Mount Mower for sale.

    This came with my 2013 BX25D new. Obviously, used but in great condition with no issues. Just did a complete service on it for the sale. No shipping, of course. Located in central New Hampshire. ( the blackish shadows are overspray from painting my “step” with the deck on) Asking $1400 or BRO
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    Linex’d my “step”

    Ordered a new step for my BX25d which was rusted through in a couple places. Took it right over to the Linex store and dropped it off. 1 day later…
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    Backhoe fittings for 3rd function?

    If One were to remove their backhoe(BX25D) would it be possible to use the BH hydraulics for a grapple out front via routed hoses?
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    Anyone getting “problem occurred” message?

    Last few weeks it’s impossible to stay on this site reading threads…this happening to anyone else? Doesn’t matter which browser…
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    BX25D upgrade to B2601 questions

    I have had 2 BX25Ds (owned at different times) and am thinking of going up one to the B2601. My biggest tasks are mowing and snowblowing my 5-6 acres of grass and 500’ driveway. I feel I’m done with the backhoe and if any work is needed I’ll have a local small landscaper do the work. My biggest...
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    BX5455HD (or other) snowblower SKID loader question

    So, there are 2 mounting holes on the side frame and 4 sets of slots on the skids to mount the skids forward or rearward. I have mine in the middle…what would be the pros/cons of running them more forward or more rearward? Also, when snowblowing off road (on grass) for walking paths, I find the...
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    Can you believe this??

    New Hampshire local Honda dealer:
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    Quick change snowblower skids?

    Anyone ever devise a “quick change” snowblower skid shoe? I know 2wrenches and 4 nuts n bolts but there must be an inventor out there that has done something? Seems like there should be a “kit” to convert bolt-on skids to “quick change” like on our deck mower wheels or our plow blades that can...
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    New BX5455HD snowblower 1st use.

    Used my new snowblower to the first time on a piddly 2” wet snow. Worked like a charm and what a difference from the old Honda walk behind…I was done in minutes. However, I tried using it on the recycled asphalt part of my driveway (400’) and it picked up a million pebbles and threw them...
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    Apparently dealer gave the wrong mid pto shaft when delivering my new BX5455HD snowblower. Installed it yesterday while prepping the BX25D for winter and the shaft is SHORT BY 2" when hooked up to the mid pto output shaft. Hopefully it's just a "bring the shaft back and get the right one"...
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    New “take off” BX front tire/wheel

    Just thought I’d pass along that I bought a brand new take off tire/wheel from Messick’s on fleabay…dealer wanted $180 for the same thing. Messick’s was $80 + ship. Good deal! I will “stud” this when it arrives to match my other one. 1st frost this morning in central NH so…it’s coming! Will mow...
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    BX FRONT snowblower operation

    Is it okay to “lift” the front snowblower when operating off pavement? I have 500’ driveway, part asphalt part recycled asphalt and I make “off pavement” paths for dog/walking/access. First season with my new front snowblower ( BX25d and BX5455hd) Question: does simply lifting the blower (off...
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    BX grill guard with receiver hitch

    Might as well sell this as it has to come off for the new snowblower and I don’t own any trailers now. Asking $200 or best reas. offer. This comes off of a BX25D but will fit any flat frame. (You may have to drill holes to accommodate it) Guard holes on any of the “not new” BXs are probably...
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    BXPanded 60” snow plow

    Going to a front snowblower so the plow has to go. some surface rust which will be sand blasted and painted soon. $800 orBRO