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    Cruise control ? on L 3400 HST

    my newest to me tractor I have a couple of question in regard to it's function an operation in the manual I thought it said to move the pedal to the desired speed and move the CC lever into position and it will maintain the desired speed, mine in ever range seems that as soon as you remove...
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    well, it's mine now

    after several "dry runs" and a lot of looking finally added this to the stable L 3400 HST, R4's, FEL, and a Bush hog brand cutter should be a good fit between my BX and the 5030;) will be looking at a QA bucket upgrade, (currently pin on), hopefully a grapple, and a chipper/shredder soon...
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    L 3400

    Good, bad, ugly:confused: problem child???? any input appreciated;):D
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    fair deal???

    L 2501 R4's HST QA Bucket 330 hrs 14200$ tractor appears to have been well cared for (pictures) been following several posters here (troverman and Roadworthy) and have been intrigued, was looking at/for a 30-35 HP unit, but the more I look at the 2501 i'm thinking it would meet my needs...
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    photo test

    deal of the century???? while I was checking FB market place I ran across an add for an 1850 w/FEL for 2000, thinking scam I called the people out on it and this is the response I receive (BTW, I am aware there was not a 1850 in 2011)
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    for those with QA Hoes

    would you do it again??? looking at a couple of L's one (L 3200) has a hoe with it and a few other implements priced a little more than a 3800 i like, both tractors have less than 300 hrs the L 3800 is 14500$ w/295 hrs and has a loader w/qa bucket both tractors are HST
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    Does HSD signify

    full time 4wd???:o looking at some 30-40 Hp machines, close to pulling the trigger on one or the other, one is a B3200 and i like that it has a mid-pto, the other which i am a lot less familiar with is a B3300hsd not sure if it has a mid pto??? also appears to be limited years of production...
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    new guy (with an oil leak)

    Found this site looking for oil pan bolt torque specs for my L 5030, was going to do some cutting and day one, when I put the tractor up for the day I noted a quarter to half-dollar size oil spot in my shop floor, and at first I thought it may have come from my cutter, day two I note a puddle...