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    My experience B2601 vs L3302

    Just some info on my user experiences. Last year I purchased a B2601 with loader and grapple. It was an upgrade from my BX2350. I was looking for my weight capability and ground clearance. I loved my B besides the fuel filter location which aftermarket makes a guard for it. Did a lot of...
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    Difference in 3rd function valves?

    So I have a new B series. Landpride is on super backorder for 3rd function valves. Dealers are installing several different brands at this point. Anyone have any experience with the Summit valves? That is what got put on mine.
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    B2601 finally arrived!

    Well it was finally delivered yesterday. Delayed slightly to a broken dipstick during inspection. Nothing fancy just the 60" quick bucket and loader and a LP grapple with Summit valve. On order since January. Dealer said I got the last Summit valve so they are trying to find more so they can...