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  1. LarryBud

    Looking at a M4050 - Thoughts

    As stated above, I see a 1984 M4050 is available. It as 5002 hrs showing. I'm sure I'll have no reliable service history as it's a used tractor dealer. Seems like a lot of hours but I just want it as a designated mower. I haven't personally inspected it yet but pictures look ok. Any top...
  2. LarryBud

    Running Hot

    I was brush hogging with my L3130 this afternoon. I'm mowing tall weeds which are tall but dried out. After about 2 hours I look down and see my machine temp is 3/4 of the way to the right. I was by the shop so I shut it down and inspected. The weeds are dirty and my radiator was smothered...
  3. LarryBud

    Straps or Chains for trailering?

    I’m going to need to haul my tractor with FEL and Rotary mower. I have a double axel car hauler rated for the job. I need to purchase either a set of chains and binders or HD Straps. I see they are about 50/50 on the thread of pictures with loaded trailers. I like the idea of straps for...
  4. LarryBud

    Mowing Options?

    I have a L3130 ( 31 HP ). I also have a 5' Land Pride Rotary Mower currently on the rear. I'm seeding 18 acres of CSP Wildlife habitat which will require mowing several times per year the first few years and the occasionally there after. I will also have to regularly mow some field edges...
  5. LarryBud

    Kubota Models?

    Is there a good reference site for the models through years? I'm more interested in the modern era ( since the 90's ). Also, are there anything in the model numbers that give you a clue as to what your looking at? For example, I thought I heard that if the model ends with a " 0 " vs ending...
  6. LarryBud

    Clogged Sprayer Tips

    I have a FIMCO 40 gallon sprayer. I've used it to apply a glyphosate cocktail ( Glyphosate, AMS & a surfactant ) successfully on a number of occasions. Yesterday, I added 2, 4 D to the cocktail and I had had some sludge buildup which clogged the sprayer tips horribly. I eventually got tank...
  7. LarryBud

    Smoothing out a field trail?

    This may seem like an insignificant problem and in the big picture, it is. However, I regularly need to travel to the back side of my property and the pasture is rougher than I'd like ( brutally rough ). To my knowledge, there's never been a trail or road. All I want is a way to efficiently...
  8. LarryBud

    Prestone Coolant Flush &Antifreeze? - L3130

    I've read my manual and I'm still unclear. This should be the stuff. Correct? My manual also suggest a cleaning. I know it's over due. Prestone flusher as well? Any watch outs if I follow the manual? Thanks.
  9. LarryBud

    Two Problems - One Solution

    First, my new pole barn needed some grading work. It was built on an East - West Slope so I spent a number of evenings rearranging my yard to assure proper drainage. The end result was the need for quite a bit of dirt removed from the high side and some of it moved over to the low side to...
  10. LarryBud

    Leaky Sprayer Tank

    I have a 40 gallon Finco 3 point Sprayer which serves my needs just fine. Unfortunately, the tank has a small leak around one of the bolts which holds the tank to the support frame. When full, I have a constant dribble. Last year during spay season, my every move could be tracked as you...
  11. LarryBud

    Picked up a nail in the rear - DIY Plug or take it in?

    I have a L3130. I was mowing over by the neighbors and evidently, they tossed a small piece of 2x4 with a framing nail punched through and pointing up. My rear picked it up and when I removed it, the air gushed out. Now, I see some use a plug to fix it and others say have it patched. What's...
  12. LarryBud

    Finding the Correct Grade?

    Hi Folks, I have a new pole barn and I need to do some grading work to get the water moving the way I want it to go. My Little L3130 with a saw tooth bucket is moving the soft, black dirt nicely. While I can eyeball it, I was thinking I should deploy a leveling tool of some kind to assure I...
  13. LarryBud

    Cheapskate Work Benches

    I have a new Pole Barn and needed to begin outfitting it for use. In an ideal world I' d build my workbench from 4X4s and 2x10s but, with the cost of lumber and me being tapped out after building the barn, I looked at cost effective alternatives. I present to you: The Pallet Bench. Pallets -...
  14. LarryBud

    Landpride Rotary Cutter Seal Replacement?

    I moved my rotary cutter yesterday and found a pool of gear lube puddled up underneath it. ( I had topped it off a few weeks back ). I filled it back up but must assume it wont go away. I'm guessing the culprit is a seal on the driveshaft from the gearbox to the blades. Other ideas? Does...
  15. LarryBud

    Concrete Curing?

    The floor of my new barn is 8 days old. It's 4" with fiber and rebar. We back the base with AB3 gravel. The concrete guys came and left without me ever seeing them ( they did a great job from what I can tell ). Anyway, I hear 7, 14 or 28 days before bringing in a truck / tractor. Can anyone...
  16. LarryBud

    Hydraulic Coupler Challenges

    I installed a Summit 3rd Function and have a MTL Grapple ( awesome btw ). When I change it out with the bucket, I generally have challenges but after some struggle I can generally get them connected. Today, I dropped the bucket and hooked up the grapple. After shutting the tractor, I worked...
  17. LarryBud

    Widow Maker - Best Plan of Attack?

    Any suggestion on how I can take this guy out without hurting myself, my equipment and as a bonus, save the fence? I was thinking of cutting it above the fence line and letting the base swing in. I was also thinking of letting it be, knowing it will find the ground by itself sooner or later.
  18. LarryBud

    Pasture Reclamation Project

    I have about 7 acres of fescue pasture which was left undisturbed for 15 years or so. Last fall, I had a guy with a skid steer come in and pull / pile all of the volunteer trees. Currently, I'm burning the piles as I have time and weather. As a result of the tree removal, the already rough...
  19. LarryBud

    Broadcast Seeding Tips

    Hi Folks, I need to seed 9.5 acres with a warm season grass / pollinator mix. Some of the pollinator seeds will be microscopic. My plan is to mix it with a carrier. Suggestion I can find are lime pellets, wheat, oats and cracked corn. I'm leaning toward cracked corn as I can buy it locally...
  20. LarryBud

    FEL Implement Detach Procedure?

    Hi Folks, The thread with a minor ( could have been wore ) accident when removing a grapple got me thinking….. what is the proper way to switch between a grapple and a bucket or visa versa? I just got my grapple and have only switched once. I have a L3130 with the Kubota quick detach. To...