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    Fixer-Upper 2011 RTV900

    So I bought this 2011 RTV900 awhile ago. I mentioned before it had been used to plow and salt. Unfortunately the rust has effected the rear wheels, the bottom of the dump box, the scraper blade, and the floor. I ordered 2 new wheels and tires from the dealer (good deal, about $140 Canuck...
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    L245DT Front Axle - chipped gears

    I haven't been on here for awhile, but I'm back, with a request for help. I was using my L245DT a couple days ago and hear a mechanical "bang" sound. Stopped, couldn't figure out what it was. Kept on going. Every 6 feet or so another "bang". Was thinking this sounded expensive, probably...
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    canada insurance and borders

    The trouble is, we start getting into significant infringement of personal freedoms, especially here in Canada with socialized medicine costing governments in excess of 60% of revenue. No helmet on a motorcycle and no seatbelt in the car will get you fined. If you wear a turban instead of the...
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    Safety of zero turn mowers

    On my way into work this morning I was listening to a segment on the radio featuring two sit-volleyball players from War Amps. Both young ladies had similar incidents in a short time period with zero turn mowers where they fell forward off the mower and lost a foot. I haven't used one myself...
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    WTS Kubota L245F - British Columbia/Washington

    I am afraid this project has to go - running out of space and can use the money for the honey-do list. It's a 2wd L245 with agriculture tires in good shape. 3000 hours, had a complete refresh in the spring - fluids, filters, paint, seat, and LED headlights. It runs beautifully. The hood is...
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    L245 2wd with 48" Bush Hog, Hope BC

    This is another rescue, looked so sad and lonely and beat up on the local CL I had to pick it up and perk it up. It was pretty battered and was probably rolled, then sat for 4 years. After an overhaul and some "test driving", it is good to go. 3300 hours now, some dents still, but new paint...
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    End of ROPS/Safety program?

    The nearest US dealer to me has had ROPS on order for me since last November. Apparently they can't get the item from Kubota any longer as it is no longer being produced. Is this the end of the ROPS/safety program?
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    Another L245 saved

    So I now have 2 L245s. It followed me home yesterday, highway speeds and all. My 4 year old daughter says that's because it was on the trailer, but hey... Anyways, it's the ugliest old L245 ever. Pics to follow. The hood is beat up bad and doesn't even attach. It's a 2wd with turf tires...
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    B/L4520B repairs/maintenance

    Pulled the bucket and dipper cylinders off the backhoe. Local hydraulic shop recommends against straitening the one rod since it is bent at the very end, and the other because it is so badly bent. They can make new rods, but it will cost as much as buying a new one. New ones aren't available...
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    4X Bolt on teeth for bucket

    I bought these on amazon ( not realizing the overall size was just too big for my little backhoe bucket - they are 11" overall length, not 9.25" as per the listing, and the tooth projects 5" with the...
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    Arps Model 22 FEL Repair

    My built-for-Kubota Arps Model 22 loader has seen some abuse. It was skewed and twisted, I think from someone hitting something with it, the bucket lower lip has a 1" gradual bend in the centre of the cutting edge, and the cross members between the arms were both badly cracked at the welds. We...
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    Homemade Implements and Improvements

    Here's some of the stuff I've cobbled together over the last year. My first project and my first time welding, a carryall/3pt pallet forks (The carryall "box" is a pallet with sides. You may notice it is a little out of square. It has since broken once, and I fixed it and it has been good...
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    (FOUND) Wanted L225 parts (tach, decompression cable, draw bar, etc)

    As per the title, I am looking for some parts for the L225 I just bought. I need a tachometer, fuse panel, ignition switch/key, decompression knob and cable, door/hatch/cover thing in the hood for access to the radiator cap, and a draw bar. I think these parts are all pretty common to the...
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    So I bought a second Kubota

    I went to have a look because it appeared to be a L245 and the sheet metal was quite nice. When I got there I realized it was a L225 with a L245 hood. It was in pretty good condition, and the price was right, so I figured I could mix and match the bits I need off it, and sell it again. It has...
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    ROPS program - part number

    Wondering if those of you who have taken advantage of the ROPS program ( can post the part numbers of the ROPS kits. There are 7 kits, but many dealers are completely unaware of the program or if they are aware, they...
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    I recently noticed the ads had changed here. I know ads usually are based on cookies on your machine, but I am on a work computer that doesn't store any browsing history so I think I get the random roulette of banner ads etc. It is usually for cars, hunting equipment, random merchandise, etc...
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    L245DT electrical/lighting help

    I've been doing some bodywork and paint on my tractor and I'm running into some lighting issues as I put things back together. The tractor did not have the safety flashers on it when I got it (the manual says they are optional, along with the flasher unit and switch). I bought and installed...
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    DIY Rural Fire Protection Discussion

    There have been fires to the east and west of me over the last week and I know that the local volunteer departments and provincial service can't keep up with the other fires this season; so it's time to get some basic capability on the homestead. My main concern isn't a house fire - I'm more...
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    Arps 22 FEL built for Kubota

    I was degreasing and pressure washing my tractor last weekend to prep for new paint and found a sticker on the left FEL tower. It was a silver sticker with virtually all of the print worn off, but I could read it from the remaining contrast: KUBOTA MODEL 22 LOADER SERIAL 3028 ARPS DIV. ...
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    Own a Ferrari for only $1000!

    You know this was not going to be a red go fast machine right? Not mine.