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    bucket hooks v2.1

    Here's a couple pictures of the newest (final ??) version of 'no hole' bucket hooks for my BX23S. used a section of electrical 'superstrut', 2 pcs of 2x4x3/16 angle 3" wide, and 2, 3/8 grab hooks. Zero cost as everything was laying around here,there, everywhere....... It works for me, might for...
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    fuel costs..

    gas is $1.50 /L dsl is $1.95 /L HELLO, anyone KNOW why 45 c/litre more for the cheaper to make product ???? this is near Hamilton,Ontario ...
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    My BX23S didn't start....hmm

    Was using it for couple hours moving top soil, took a break. Went to restart, lights come on but not the starter. hmmm...last time (700+ hrs ago) , the control wire at the starter solenoid had popped off. Nope, it's good and tight OK...what's THIS hanging spade lug and wire for ?? The oil...
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    Ukraine war over ?

    it has to be ,as gas just went down 30 cent a litre here overnight ! That's about $1.20 / us gallon to those south of the 49th, and every politician, media mongrel and ' economy expert' SAID it was the War in the Ukraine that caused OUR gas to go UP..... sadly the war is NOT over... hmm ......
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    sigh... my OLD tire never 'found' this.been in the same yard maybe 500-600 times 'cleaning up'.... hoping TWO plugs will fix, sniff,sniff.
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    general electrical diagram thread or sticky ?

    I'm wondering, with the number of 'electrical' problems, if a 'thread' or 'sticky' could/should be made, where the wiring diagrams/schematics of tractors could be stored ? It could be a well used resource, being able to easily locate a good wiring diagram for various tractors ?
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    using Kubota Parts website

    OK, silly question of the day. When using the site, I click on say 'engine' and several subfolders appear in the column,fine... HOW do you 'collapse' (make the subfolders go away) ??
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    OK, how many forgot to change their clocks over night ????
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    new scam

    watch out for SCAMMERS asking for money to support Ukraine !!! Already had TWO !!!
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    Americans lost an F35 !

    seems there was a 'glitch' taking off a carrier in the S China sea and the race is on to see who recovers it. Odds are the Americans, but China has a 'keen' interest in salvaging the plane ,and it's in 'free sea' .
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    upgrading to a B2601 "

    Thinking about selling my BX23S and 'upgrading' to a B2601. Any pros or cons that anyone care to comment on ?
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    Ontario Hydro SCAM

    So... I got a letter from Director Danny of OH,saying I've been moved to paperless billing ! I did some quik Googgling and ON can make a tidy minimum 7 MILLION dollars PROFIT, free money, EVERY month !! Nice...for them,bad for us. BTW, ZERO saving of trees. So , I called the 1-888 number and...
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    as requested, SSQASPSBversion1.0

    Here's some quick pictures of the SkidSteerQuickAttachSelfPoweredSnowBlower version one point zero Yes mtg plate is 1/8" checkerplate... Engine is 14HP, has electric PTO chutes chained together, yes 360 rotation..... 'work-in-progress'...
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    someone asked, here it is

    my BX23S modified ROPS... ..still a 'work in progress' front work lights are controlled by 4chnl wireless unit tied into left rear power wires.
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    steel sticker shock !

    Just got the new Princess Auto flyer , saw they have trailer fenders on sale, $39.99 so I wondered what's the sale price.... That IS the sale price !!! glad I was sittin down ! I had to check the catalogue and the regular price is $74.99 EACH !!! PreChineseCV19 , I paid $19.99. Have 4 in the...
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    value of a B2400 ?

    looking at a kinda rough ,B2400, has loader and rear blade. 'turf tires' aka car treads.... slowly starts, runs, does what it should ,more or less. Wondering what you think about a fair price for it... ?? or what they've sold for. Located in near Hamilton,Ontario
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    BX23S funny noise

    After 560+ hrs over 3 years my BX23s started to make a 'funny' noise up front. A kindy light, scrapey noise but not 'tinny'. Turns out the 'flanged screw' that hold the U-joint cover at the front axle was missing ! Found a short Metric bolt ,lock washer and snugged it up, problem solved. All...
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    BX23s mystery slot

    OK, I'm curious... WHAT is the purpose of of the 'hole' in the plastic trim panel behind the loader joystick arm ? I was going to put some switches for the LED lights in there but.... maybe I 'need' whatever feature the hole was originally designed for......
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    BX23s fuel filters

    OK, just how LONG does it take you guys to change filters on your BX23s and cousins ? And HOW do you do it?? So far I've spent 2 hours getting the fan shield off,remove 1st filter holddown bolt and 1 hose clip. Sigh. Manual was useless..says 'contact Kubota...', hmm...THAT should have bee a clue...