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  1. J

    BX2200 Hydraulic Hardline question

    So a little while ago when I was spreading a bunch of gravel I notices that I was leaving small drips on the ground when lifting a full bucket. Finally got around to tracking down the leak. There is a pinhole leak in the center hardline in the picture right were it goes through the pillow...
  2. J

    Part number diagram for BX2200 hydraulic hardline

    Spreading gravel today and I started to notice some drops where I had been getting bucketloads. Upon inspecting the tractor closer it appears to be one of the 3 hard lines that connect to the FEL. I have not takes things apart yet, but it is dripping from the pillow block bracket that hold the 3...
  3. J

    Driveway Expansion.

    I have a U shaped driveway at the house but is narrow enough they that you have to drive through part of the inside of the U if any other cars are parked. It is also a pain when backing our camper in. We decided it was time to widen/expand it. Didn't take too long to get the sod off. Made a...
  4. J

    BX2200 4wd front axle clicking when under stress

    Hi all. I have been doing some box blade work and moving piles of dirt with my BX2200. I noticed that when I get to where the Box Blade stops the tractor or the pile of dirt stops it when scooping I get a clicking noise from the front axle. 4wd works as it should. No noise when driving it or...
  5. J

    Temp storage building

    I have been needing some extra storage so I can clear out some garage and workshop space. The end game will be building a pole barn, but that is still 2-3 years off. For the short term I picked up one of these on sale. Setting it up next to my detached garage. The ground slopes about 6" where...
  6. J

    Replacing Loader Hydraulic Hoses

    Hi all, So on of the hoses on my LA211 FEL decided it was dead. I have ordered a replacement and it looks like I should be able to unthread the old hose and thread the new one on. I inspected the rest of the hoses and they look okay, but I may replace then as preventative maintenance. Last...
  7. J

    Pallet forks would be helpful

    I think a set of pallet forks are in my future. While I could do everything I needed with bucket hooks chains, forks would have made it even easier. Moving brush from some downed limbs. Unloading railroad ties for another project.
  8. J

    Looking for BX deck lift arm

    Hi, I am in need of a right hand deck lift are for my BX2200. Hoping someone has a good used replacement. It is part number K2561-44310 For reference is it #140 in the illustration below. Thanks
  9. J

    Source for used BX parts?

    Hi all, The right hand lift link for my mower deck got bent and twisted last year. I was able to get it almost straight and use it for the rest of the year and beginning of this year. Unfortunately, since it was still slightly twisted/bent it has gotten worse over time and has become twisted...
  10. J

    Storm Cleanup and hung up limbs

    Hi All, Had some storms roll through the area and as usual it means downed trees/limbs etc. As long as there are no injuries or big property damage, it is always fun to help out with my BX, chainsaw etc. Figured I would share some pics. I live on a dead end country road, so we pretty much take...
  11. J

    River Rock driveway and box blade

    Hi all , I have a U shaped driveway. The drive leading up to my attached garage is gravel. The drive leading up to the detached and the area connecting the two is river rock. I used my box blade to reconditions etc the gravel portion and it worked great. Have any of you used your box blade on...
  12. J

    Busy few days with the BX2200

    The BX has earned its keep the past week. First I had an area of the yard that had been where the farmers piled their rocks. No mater how many bucket fulls I pulled out they were never ending. Ended up using the FEL and digging down about 2ft to get them all out. I also had a few ruts in the...
  13. J

    Converting from Lug bolts to lug nuts on my BX2200

    So one of the biggest pains I run in to when messing with my BX2200 is that the tires use lug bolts instead of lug nuts. It makes mounting difficult since I have to try and hold the tire, line it up and thread in the bolt. Have people converted these to use studs and lug bolts? Any drawbacks on...
  14. J

    Filter source for maintenance

    Hi all, I plan on an oil and hydraulic filter/fluid service on my BX2200 this spring before it gets to be mowing/outside project time. I found the original Kubota part numbers for the oil and hydraulic filters. Do you have any recommendations on where to source them? I can order them off Amazon...
  15. J

    Good for a laugh

    So it was 71* last Saturday and with the rain/snow melting my yard was pretty soft. I figured it was good conditions to roll it. I still had the turf tires on the BX2200, but thought to myself "It'll be fine"..... Well, obviously it wasn't. I was rolling along fine and then hit an extra soft...
  16. J

    Anyone else get excited about snow?

    I would definitely prefer the the temps of spring-fall over winter, but it is always a fun day when we get enough snow for me to break out the tractor and plow. Here in northern Indiana we are supposed to get 13"+ over the next 2 days. I already checked all tractor fluids and made sure the...
  17. J

    Length of chain for bucket hooks

    Hi all, I installed a couple of hooks on the bucket of my BX in the fall. I recently purchased 25’ of bill chain and some hooks. What lengths do you recommend I make for use with my bucket hooks. I think 25’ would be too long. I was thinking maybe a 15’ one and a 10’ one. Thanks
  18. J

    Put on bucket hooks today

    I got these installed today. Simple install and didn’t hit any issues. Can’t wait for an excuse to use them. First off they will be used to connect my homemade snowpusher to the bucket. I will probably end up painting them in the near future.
  19. J

    Better than hauling buckets

    Some of you might have seen where I used my BX2200 to tear apart my old camper. We are planting trees and bushes around the property in areas without access to water. I saved the fresh water tank from the old camper and clamped a piece of hose to it. That way I can just haul it around to water...
  20. J

    Camper demo time

    I have an old Dutchman camper that I am disposing of. Lots of leaks and rotted floors, so not worth saving or selling. We finished pulling the metal off the inside and outside yesterday morning, so then it was demolition time. Enter the Kubota. Started with this I was able to break the walls...