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    Bush Hog 60" Finish Mower

    Bush Hog RFM 60 Finish Mower for sale. Very good used condition. Located in the midlands of SC. $1500
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    Grooming/Finish Mower Recommendations

    Looking for opinions/advice/recommendations on 5 foot grooming/finishing mowers for a BX2380. If I could find a decent used one (Land Pride, Frontier, Woods, etc.) on craigslist or FB marketplace I'd probably already have one, but those seem to be few and far between in my area of central SC.
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    Flat face coupler leak

    Bought a 2380 last year, but haven't used the FEL much at all until the past week or so. I noticed a hydraulic leak on the flat faced coupler. Not a bad leak and doesn't seem to be leaking at any of the fittings at all. I think it's leaking when the loader arms move when trying to scoop/move...
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    BX2380 Hyd. Lockout Spring?

    Does anyone know if the hydraulic lockout on the 2380 has a spring on it? Mine is difficult to operate. It looks like a spring maybe should be attached to it on a tab under the wheel well, but not having the WSM for a 2380 I don't know. Speaking of WSM, anyone know where to find a .pdf WSM...
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    Mower Adjustment Thread BX MMM

    I've been searching for the past couple of days looking for a mower adjustment thread I saw a while back, but have had zero luck using several different search terms. I thought I had copied and pasted it into a word document, but apparently not. Anyway, the directions provided in one of the...
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    Would You?

    I have a less than 2 year old BX 2370 with FEL and 54" MMM with mulch kit. It has 48 hours on it. It's a great machine and I'm very happy with it, but I really, really, really like the features/upgrades on the 2380. Assuming you could get the right deal, would you trade or sell your 2370 for...