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    F2560 Snowblower WTB

    I am looking for a snowblower for my F2560. The snowblower is a model F5203B. According to my dealer they are discontinued, so I would need to find something used. Anyone know of one, drop me a line. Thanks.
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    TMG wood chipper

    DONT buy a chipper without a hydraulic feed.
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    WTB F5203B Snowblower

    Looking for a F5203B snowblower that fits a F2560 front mount. If you have one or know of one please let me know. Thanks.
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    WTB G1900 with AWS

    Looking for a G1900 with AWS.
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    FAQ's and more.. the ULTIMATE Read Me

    Thanks for the info :)
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    RC72 front mount deck tires

    I have a F2560 with a 72” deck. It’s a wonderful machine. But the two small gauge wheel tires on the front are frustrating. The stems are buried into the wheel, and are really hard to access. now one tire has a slow leak. BTW, they are tube type. Needless to say I can simply take it off and put...
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    F2560 Fuel Gauge Leak

    Last summer when I would fill my F2560 with fuel to the bottom of the neck as I had done for the previous umpteen years, it would drip past the tank and unto the floor. The only thing that makes sense to me is that there is a gasket on that top mounted tank gauge that is shot? The little I can...
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    F2560 sputters

    Thanks, the other day I stuck a new fuel pump and filters on it. Tank was around a quarter full and it mowed up and down hills nicely. I also think it runs a little smoother, but that could just be me? The new pump is bigger than the old one also. plus this one I can hear when i turn the key...
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    F2560 sputters

    Thanks. I had contemplated the fact that going downhill half full of fuel causes a weak pump to underperform. And yes when I get turned uphill it cures itself. And as the tank gets lower, the problem escalates. I imagine I will start with a pump replacement.
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    F2560 sputters

    I have a F2560 front mount mower with a 72 deck. Have had it for 16 years. This summer it started to lose power briefly once the fuel was at half and under. This only happens when going downhill, and generally while turning left. It gets worse as the fuel gets lower, but never stalls out, just...
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    RTV500 Front Axle Case Oil

    I took off the steering wheel a couple times and sprayed silicone lube into that squeaky bushing. Mine hasn’t squeaked in several years. In fact i had forgotten how aggravating it was until I saw these posts.
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    G2000/RC60 deck

    I have the same unit. It’s truly a wrestling match.i also jack up the front end, and have switched from dragging and cursing to using something like a 6’ 2x4 as a lever. And cursing, The clearance is so low, there is no room for some idler wheels or anything.
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    2011 RTV 500 Low Compression

    I have a little of every kind of Kubota engine. The RTV500 little two cylinder, an F2560 3 cylinder diesel, and a G2000 3 cylinder gas. While the 500 is a little doggy for some I am sure, and while I at times I would like the 1000/1200 diesel, the 500 has some distinct advantages. It turns...
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    RTV500 Idle

    I have a 2010 RTV500 with about 350 hrs. Recently the idle speed has risen. It's not enough to cause it to "roll" at idle when in gear, but it's a little high. I serviced the linkages etc, and lifted the bed while it idled, and tried moving the linkage manually. It did not seem stuck, and it did...
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    F2560 died, won't restart.

    I have ran my f1560 put of fuel more than once. And with the electric fuel pump have never had an issue restarting it. So this seems odd. I did have a problem with the charging system, a loose wire, which caused a low battery issue on occasion. That caused it to run poorly, and stall out due to...
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    I hate my new L3901

    I had a semi with a DD13. In 365,000 mi. it never did a regen that was not during driving. Nor did I ever do a manual. And you could eat off the inside of the exhaust. So I don't miss the days of the old 8-71's and 6v-92's. Big Cam 400's anyone? Smoke as black as coal? Lol I can't even conceive...
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    Wtb Seat for F2560

    Seat for F2560. Just the seat and backrest combo, not the suspension. Thanks.
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    Oregon Gator Blades

    I put some on my RC-72 deck two yrs ago. No spacers, fit just like factory OEM.
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    Tips on removing 3-Pt attachments

    Re: Tips on how to removing 3-Pt attachments Dollies are the best if possible, and the newer stuff with the removable pin on the bottom two links to accept quick hitch makes non quick hitch a piece of cake. And stuff like the tiller and aerator rotate up and down. The idea to park in neutral...