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    How much rear ballast is enough for BX with FEL?

    The smaller the tractor, the more weight it needs added to safely use the loader. There are posts here and there about people never having to add a pound to do something but generally they are talking about much larger tractors which weigh more relative to their loader capacity to start with...
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    If it is the correct reverse rotation mower deck im sure somebody out there wants it, that stuff is not too easy to find. Nice looking tractor! Post more pics some time.
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    BF300-A Loader - boom cylinder parts

    Looks like the crucial search term is ‘tang’ ended cylinders. Very useful tidbit to pick up, thanks for posting that! 👍
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    Lifting bar on FEL, instead of bucket or QA frame

    Very cool. I am planning to build a form of quick attach for the front of one of my tractors that will pick up 3pt and mini skid steer quick attach implements. I am anticipating that having the quick-hitch style top hook on the loader with no implement actually attached will give me the same...
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    BF300-A Loader - boom cylinder parts

    I dont think it will be THAT easy in this case because the base end attachment brackets are narrower than the actual cylinder OD, so not only does it need a crosstube, it also needs that crosstube to be far enough ‘off’ the cylinder housing that you can narrow it to fit in the stock brackets. If...
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    2nd problem with R-14 Tires!

    I have to assume what you mean is that any r14 for a certain rim width is going to be so much smaller diameter than an r1 for that rim width that they can’t be considered ‘interchangeable’ on a given application. But in general im guessing you can get r14s to fit anything from a 5” wide rim to...
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    BF300-A Loader - boom cylinder parts

    Bummer that the cylinders were destroyed. FYI the part being referred to is the ‘gland’. I cant see the diagram but the other descriptions make it clear. On my b8200 w/bf300 i had no real trouble getting the glands to move in a bit to remove the retaining ring. You do need to tap them usually...
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    Kubota 4690 Backhoe

    Looks like the same swing mechanism design as the backhoe on my b8200. Mine is not leaking but i have some ‘rubber bumpers’ to install on it. From looking at it i believe you just need to unbolt either the cylinder base end or the outrigger arm itself to uncover a large bolt between the two...
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    2nd problem with R-14 Tires!

    Well, the side to side issue is why if i had a choice i would prefer a different style of stabilizer vs what’s on yours. I think mounting the tractor end that far outboard might simplify some things but i’d rather have more side to side adjustability and slightly more finicky stabilizers...
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    L175 Tires

    8.3-24 will fit your rims and should be almost exactly same diameter. Diameter does not really need to be that precise unless it's also a 4wd model. Most 8.3-24 tires are in an 'ag' / R1 pattern. There is technically a lot of variation in tread between different R1s because of the shape and...
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    L175 Tires

    The only thing that's become hard to find from the l175 days to today is some of the tread patterns of turf tires they used back then. As far as sizes go i think pretty much everything is still available. What is the tire size you are having trouble finding?
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    Surprise: B26 TLB available below MSRP

    So am i wrong in thinking a lot of b26s are probably ordered barebones because they often live out the first part of their lives in rental fleets? I dont think most rental places would want their customers trying to switch out the backhoe for 3pt, or coming back with bent backhoe thumb cylinder...
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    BX2680 - Did I go too small?

    If this is the OP’s first tractor, i think it’s just a bad combination of inadequate technique, and lack of having enough machine weight/power to mask the lack of technique. There’s a whole bunch of people who buy bigger tractors and ‘power’ their way through larger tasks without ever having...
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    Clicks but won’t start

    If the click is coming from the starter solenoid itself, your problem is likely pretty simple. Are you able to have someone put their hand or some kind of improvised stethoscope on the starter solenoid while someone else turns the key to acertain whether it’s the source of the click?
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    What is this........?

    Mine is actually a thick ring on the loader stick thats held up with a hairpin through the loader stick. If you remove the hairpin the ring falls down into the ‘gate’ and wont let the stick move in any direction. I have never once touched it. 😂
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    What is this........?

    Well when something has the appearance of an ‘afterthought’ you cant beat yourself up too much for not immediately grasping its brilliance..😒😂 If it were a better thought out part it probably wouldnt have been damaged and then its purpose would have been obvious. 🤷‍♂️
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    What is this........?

    If the plate didnt have the notch in it, would it let the stick be in neutral position or force it to ‘raise’ position? Im wondering if the groove was always there or not.
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    Kubota tractor overheating when fan replaced to electric. (Kubota G1900S (D722))

    Fans do most of their work at the outer edges of the blades because that is where it’s moving the fastest. A substantial part of the outer portion of your fan blades is obstructed by the shroud being bent over it. Try fixing that and see what happens.
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    What is this........?

    Is everyone understanding that the notched plate slides side to side?
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    LX2610 Cab model….steering stops?

    Can’t find a picture of that online (at least in 10 seconds i couldnt). My old kubotas have adjustable steering stops already on them. Its just a bolt with a pre-rounded head on the steering knuckle that you can screw out longer so t will impact something on the axle and stop the wheel turning...