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    New grapple & brush guard project

    A couple weeks ago, I purchased a Glacier Storm single thumb root/brush grapple for my LX2610. It is the 60" wide model. After some costly couplers from my Kubota dealer, it is now hooked up to the 3rd function I had installed when the tractor was purchased. Initial feedback is that I think...
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    Flow control on the bucket curling ?

    Anybody ever put a flow control(s) on the hydraulic lines to slow the action of the bucket curling? Wondering what you did and how it worked out? I'm wanting to limit the speed of my curl at certain times. Thanx !
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    Storm 48" grapple

    Anyone have experience with the 48" Storm grapple (made in central Michigan) for $1399? Would be using mine on an LX2610 for brush use and some firewood log moving about. Wondering if the thing is strong enough for general conservative use. Thanx !
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    Quick Hitch modification - class 2 to class 1 ?

    Recently brought home a quick hitch for my LX2610. Most all that I see are made for the larger class 2 pins, including this one. Folks generally spend lots of money replacing the pins on their implements. Instead, has anyone ever bent a strap as a gap filler to the hooks to get rid of the...
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    Back blades & snow - - - lessons learned ?

    Greetings all ! Proud owner of an LX2610 this past Spring to help around the new house in the woods. Living in central western Michigan, and got our first real taste of snow this weekend. Most of my 1300 driveway is gravel and "earth". I'm waiting for the ground to freeze to reduce...
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    Front loader lifting boom ?

    Anyone ever build a lifting boom for their quick attach fork attachment? Thinking like an inverted "L" that are often seen on rigger's for trucks. I'm considering getting an old fork with the correct mounts, cut off the horizontal portion of it, weld a piece of 3" tube on the face of the...
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    New ballast box

    I am soon to receive a new LX2610, and knew that a ballast box would be in the future. Many of the commercially available boxes were out of stock due to Covid, so I got to looking around at other people's ideas. I came across a 10 x 24 x 30" Hoffman electrical enclosure that had a bit of...
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    How much rear ballast ?

    New guy here. New Kubota owner too (LX2610 this past weekend). I know with a front end loader, more ballast is recommended for the rear end. Just how much should I have, and is there a point where there is too much ballast ? Looking forward to conversing with you all ! Pete