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    Sold for $1800 LAND PRIDE RCR1860 Rotary cutter bush hog

    5 foot cutter with slip clutch and chains front and rear. Great shape. Used 50 hours. Located in Blue Ridge Ga. We travel to and from Blue Ridge Ga to Atlanta and to Birmingham so can deliver along those routes. $1,700. 4 oh 4 two 18 46 zero 7
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    LAND PRIDE RCR1872 Brush Cutter for sale

    HOLD UNTIL 2022
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    How to remove broken radiator drain plug

    In trying to change the coolant, the plastic drain plug at the bottom of the radiator broke off almost flush. What’s the easiest way to extract the broken off threaded plastic male part without messing up the threads on the female part attached to the radiator? Thanks!
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    Kubota 2019 MX tractors- HST bolt issue recall

    I’m seeing FB posts from people who got letters from Kubota about a possible loose bolt in the HST for 2019 delivered MX models. Ours is a 2019 delivery date MX5800. I don’t see anything on the Kubota website about it. Anyone else heard of this?
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    MX5800 water pipe info

    Snagged this pipe on a stob today. Leaking radiator fluid from a cut in the hose. I couldn***8217;t find it on the parts diagram. I***8217;m guessing it***8217;s part of the water pump system? Can anyone tell me what it***8217;s called or a part number? Might save me a trip to the dealer if I...
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    Brush Hog slip clutch smoking black smoke

    We are just hard on things Bought new tractor and brush hog. Took to new farm to do a back pasture with huge overgrowth (briars, 12 foot tall sweetgums, millions of 3 foot pine volunteers)- it has not been mowed in 5 years. Cut through most of that stuff like butter. On second day hit some 6...
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    MX Hydraulics cost

    What's the usual cost for the dealer to put rear hydraulics on an MX new? They want $2200 for top and tilt, about half of that for just the hydraulic top link, which would be more useful to us that a tilt. Tried the suggestion on here to "just have them throw them in the deal" but no way. They...
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    Recommended roll up door height for MX5800

    What is the best roll up door height for an MX5800 with a canopy? I read 8 feet it too short. Its a 10 foot front wall.
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    MX5800 Pricing; tested one today and liked it

    We tested an MX5800 at the Alabama dealer today and really liked it. I get what people were saying about going to the heavier frame from the L3901. It is surprisingly maneuverable even being a good bit larger than the L3901. Right at 6,700 pounds For some reason sales guy was pushing us to an...
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    MX 5800 trailering short distance with Tundra

    We have been trailering our L3901 from Georgia to Alabama and back regularly. We are looking at buying a second farm that is a 7 mile distance from the Alabama one and would like to buy an MX 5800 (loader, loaded tires and a heavy duty Woods brush hog) to dedicate to the Alabama properties...
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    L3901 grill guard

    Our neighbor offered to make one from some expanded metal mesh he had left over from making a forestry cage for a log skidder. Very heavy mesh. It is one piece, open at the bottom so it can tilt forward. Free is good!
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    Lug nut size, L3901

    2 have been lost. Front wheels. What size are they (thread size- metric or SAE, pitch etc.) I searched the site and the posts all focused on the size of socket to remove a lug nut. Do I need to get them from a dealer or an auto parts store? Thanks! Cathy
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    KUBOTA SSQA alignment bar replaced

    Thanks to all for the advice on the earlier post. We had it replaced with a solid metal bar (not a pipe). Guy came here and did it in the shed with a truck mounted rig.
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    Best way to repair SSQA crossbar

    Using the bucket, one side of the SSQA came loose and it got tweaked. Bucket would not reattach. Dealer bent it back. A week later, the end of the crossbar broke loose. Everything still attaches. I have a neighbor with several welders (MIG, TIG and stick, I think he said), but he is not a...
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    New L3901 leaking UDT at Front Wheel Drive Case

    Our new L3901 began dripping UDT fluid from the front wheel drive case at 10 hours. Its now at 20 hours and dripping more. Drips faster when the tractor is hot then eventually slows to almost nothing. Not a stream or spray, just a drip. I got my son to crawl under there and find it. It is...