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  1. Daferris

    B2601 Headlight bulb change

    If your B2601 is like my LX26`0 there is a factory harness by the ROPS on the right side at the seat bottom lever for the factory optional lights. Use that as your power feed for the lights it is a fused 10 amp circuit that is hot only when the key is in the on position. You can run wire from it...
  2. Daferris

    Lx3310 hard starting

    Attached is the parts diagram showing the throttle valve on the LX3310... Fun fact early Ford 6.0 Power Strokes also had a throttle valve (2004 only). Yes it defies conventional wisdom on diesels. But emission controls bring some strange engine strategy for controlling emissions. That is the...
  3. Daferris

    Lx3310 hard starting

    The LX3310 does indeed have a throttle body... It's part of the emission controls.
  4. Daferris

    L 2350 block heater installation

    If you want you might consider something like this to make it easier to plug in the extension cord. Also it has a cover to keep the plug clean. I fab'ed a bracket to attach mind to an existing hole on the loader bracket....
  5. Daferris

    Lx3310 Block Heater

    For the cord I installed a outlet to plug the extension cord into that is a neat solution....
  6. Daferris

    Flat face style couplers.... garbage or somthing else?

    I have flat face couplers on the 3rd function for two reasons. 1). They are easier to clean before connecting. 2). They lose less fluid when disconnecting. It sounds to my like it's possible that yours have some foreign matter caught in them either damaging or holding open the seal in them
  7. Daferris

    Double acting valve section vs Float deten valve section

    When I bought my LX last year. The float detent valve added $50. I got it because it was not much more. In operation it is a double acting valve with an additional position of float. That said I have it connected to my side link as that cylinder does not have a check ( pilot) valve. In my...
  8. Daferris

    New BX 1880 Owner

    There are the lights I put on the ROPs of my LX they are really bright and the price is right... These are the bulbs I replaced my stock headlight bulbs with. Mine is an LX but I'm guessing the BX uses...
  9. Daferris

    Flat Face Coupler

    One other thing that is possible. Are the male and female couplers the same brand and size and type. Their will be a part number engraved on the connectors. You can google the part numbers on the couplers to confirm that they are compatible. My flat face couplers on my grapple take perhaps 20-30...
  10. Daferris

    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    I store my LX2610 in a unheated barn. But I have a block heater that I have connected to a Wi-Fi controlled outlet. I run the block heater for 45min to and hour before I go out to start it. seldom is it below 0F in the barn (Mid-Michigan) It starts right up with just a few seconds of glow plug...
  11. Daferris

    Flat Face Coupler

    I have Summit hydraulics branded flat face couplers on mine and with the pressure relived on both sides of the lines. Both the tractor side and attachment side I find them easier to connect than the pioneer ones on the rear remotes. The only issue I have ever had is the female coupler sleeve has...
  12. Daferris

    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    Another thing to consider if your using the tractor to condense the burn pile or to add more fuel to it. Is to get some open cell foam to make a prefilter for the air filter intake.
  13. Daferris

    Purchasing a Grapple, looking for opinions with any issues on hose connections.

    If you have the rear remotes you might want to look at my thread on top and side links for having a top and tilt kit. This is the link to the thread The only up date is probably with...
  14. Daferris

    Purchasing a Grapple, looking for opinions with any issues on hose connections.

    I have the exact same setup LX2610 and EA 55" Wicked Grapple. I got flat face couplers from Summit Hydraulics to replace what EA supplied. The lines are straight no 90 degree fittings It works well and I have no problems with it. Only mod I did was I added a hose sleeve to protect the hoses from...
  15. Daferris

    PTO Shaft cover removal

    Don't use brake cleaner (especially the chlorinated stuff) There are a lot of plastics that it damages and makes brittle use WD-40 or electrical contact cleaner.
  16. Daferris

    Im sure its simple

    Hard to tell in the photo but is the bolt on the implement top bottoming out in the top link hook of the quick hitch?
  17. Daferris

    L 2350 block heater installation

    If your motor has only press in freeze plugs then I strongly suspect that the proper block heater for it is a press in type with a toggle bolt style retainer to hold it in the block.
  18. Daferris

    Im sure its simple

    Not for my 3pt stuff but it lets me store the grapple and forks out of the way and in a corner of the barn,,,,
  19. Daferris

    L 2350 block heater installation

    The way the heating element is it does not matter the orientation of it. On my LX2610 the only option was next to the oil filter on the front left side. It's as I recall a 17mm hex bit for the freeze plug and a 1-3/8" socket for the heater. Make sure you get it tight even with pipe dope it hade...