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  1. Dieseldonato

    using tractor to pull a stuck car/truck/rv

    Draw bar with clevis is the correct method for pulling. Captive pulling systems are best. No tow balls or tow hitches. They are made to pull rolling resistance and the "stuck" force is typically much greater then a trailer on the road. From quite a bit of experience with roll backs, wreckers...
  2. Dieseldonato

    What a day...

    Always something ain't? Best of luck brother, sounds like your gonna need some if the ground is that soft.
  3. Dieseldonato

    Make shift land plane

    It's more of a knowing your material, how to set your gate and how the bed lifts at what ground speed. I was fairly decent at it in my Pete 10 wheeler, but it took pretty long to get ok at it. Also pretty much figured out I had to be moving at speed, bed up already then pop the gate and keep the...
  4. Dieseldonato

    L2501 Turbo: A Journey Defined - The tractor, The comparison, The modification, The results...

    I've seen engines run away form a lot of things, the crank case vent has never been one of them. Turbo, broken rings, mis aligned Piston cooling nozzles, fuel racks sticking. Never once seen or heard of the vent causing this. It's unrealistic at best and a lot of diesels engines have closed loop...
  5. Dieseldonato

    L2501 Turbo: A Journey Defined - The tractor, The comparison, The modification, The results...

    In a perfect world you should be reading temp right from the exhaust port on the engine. Realistically preturbo in the exhaust manifold, preferably in one of the hotter running cylinders.
  6. Dieseldonato

    Hanix Mini Giant excavator?

    The fancy figure 8 grooves probably arnt 100% nessisary. A lot of heavy equipment bushings either don't have them, a straight one, sometimes a long spiral. Doesn't seem to be material dependent.
  7. Dieseldonato

    'New' B6000, 4WD feels like applying brake

    One thing we need to remember is the tractors are purposefully made to have the front tires spin a little faster to aid in steering. Not a big deal in the dirt, but like you say on pavement it's pretty noticeable.
  8. Dieseldonato

    B2601 w/ R4's: Getting 2" wheel spacers for back. Get them for front too?

    The older tractors had adjustable axles. You didn't add spacers to the wheels to get your row width right. They were also mostly 2wd which made it a lot easier to change the width out front. These 4wd tractors arw a fixed front width. Adding spacers just acts like a lever on your bearings and...
  9. Dieseldonato

    'New' B6000, 4WD feels like applying brake

    For what it's worth I was doing some loader work last night and thought about this. Kicked it into neutral and let it run down a little hill in 2wd and 4wd and didn't notice any difference between the two so far as rolling resistance. I would assume it should be about the same for your tractor...
  10. Dieseldonato

    Pointless Upgrade?

    Seems like you do about the same work with you B that I do with mine. I do have a few thoughts. Keep in mind the area your working in. I can get into places with my B that I can't get into with my dads L series. Which in my case means a lot. Truthfully your not getting that much more tractor...
  11. Dieseldonato

    Riding Mowers: supply chain issues. NONE AVAILABLE!

    I got too spoiled with the pro model exmarks, scaggs and those fully suspended Farris mowers when I worked at the township lol. Really made it hard to look at the cheaper models. I'm in no hurry, to upgrade atm. Getting a shop built has become a priority for me.
  12. Dieseldonato

    BL4690 Backhoe jerkiness

    The machine isn't likely to be the issue, more so it's not doing anything wrong. Your letting off the valve too abruptly and there no soft stop feature built into little hoes. My old man's 3pt hoe is the same way with him operating it. I operate more equipment then him so have been able to...
  13. Dieseldonato

    Got my first Orange One......

    My neighbor has the same tractor with a woods belly mower under it. 72" deck it has its hands full if your not mowing weekly. Finish is pretty nice.
  14. Dieseldonato

    Built a chicken coop for the daughter...

    Just built one for my wife as well. Seems we had similar thoughts on using sheets of Ply wood. No bricks involved lol. Still have to give ish up the window trim and a few other odds and ends.
  15. Dieseldonato

    Riding Mowers: supply chain issues. NONE AVAILABLE!

    I wish I had the money for a decent zero turn. The old cub cadet 1450 does just fine, even if painfully slow to mow with. Old k-series kohler has never given me grief. Then again neither has my 582 or 782....
  16. Dieseldonato

    LA534 FEL grease point fail/o ring missing

    I had a lot of work from guys with that mentality, bit different when your running a million dollar loader.
  17. Dieseldonato

    A beveled backhoe bucket is beautiful

    Ok it wasn't real clear in the pictures if it was a tooth bucket or a finish bucket. Cheers.
  18. Dieseldonato

    D1105 clatter noise

    Wouldn't hurt to get a decent fuel additive as well, get some extra cleaning action and lubrication through it.
  19. Dieseldonato

    A beveled backhoe bucket is beautiful

    Just so I understand, the flat (finish bucket) came with it. And there were no options for a tooth bucket? Or the finish bucket came with and there are no other options for a tooth bucket?
  20. Dieseldonato

    L2501 Modifications

    Unless your going for some extreme power upgrades swapping the plungers and barrels isn't nessisary. And with the same point I made as above you don't really know if the new parts are putting out the same cc of fuel as each other. Hence why there are shims.