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  1. Roadworthy

    Stinky Water Fixed

    I'm on a well, pump at about 440 feet. Water picked up a rotten egg smell and taste. Pour a glass, let sit overnight, it's fine. My pressure tanks have been losing pressure. I replaced them. Water went back to tasting like water - basically no taste. Both tanks on removal had water. One...
  2. Roadworthy

    PTO Problem

    Okay, I own this one. I connected my PTO shaft for my brush hog type mower. I thought it latched but it didn't. After bringing the mower up to speed it slipped off the PTO drive. The mower continued to spin the shaft. It flew around wildly until the blade slowed and stopped. Of course the...
  3. Roadworthy

    L Series Hydraulic Filter Change

    I've read one should use a shop vac to slow or stop hydraulic fluid leakage when replacing filters. I've not seen any information how to accomplish this. I discovered the hydraulic cap on my tractor was a common on inch male NPT fitting. I grabbed a one inch socket to male NPT adapter, cut a...
  4. Roadworthy

    Coloring Hydraulic Fluid

    I've seen conversations on this site regarding difficulty of checking Kubota fluid level through the sight glass. I asked my local Kubota mechanic about using John Deere dye in the hydraulic system. He didn't know so I checked with Kubota. Today I got a response and learned warranty will not...
  5. Roadworthy

    Power and Weight

    I've had my L2501 for over a year. Too often I've found it necessary to shift into 4WD to move when working. The tractor has the FEL attached which puts more weight on the front making the back light. It seems overall the tractor is a bit light for its power and weight capabilities. In the...
  6. Roadworthy

    Temporary Kubota Factory Shutdown

    The Kubota operation in Georgia has idled 2700 workers due to the corona virus epidemic. Operations are expected to resume in mid April.
  7. Roadworthy

    Fifty Hour Maintenance

    For those coming up on fifty hours on an L series tractor or just wanting to know what's coming I found this on Tractor by Net:
  8. Roadworthy

    For Cleaner Air on L Series

    I purchased a new L2501 HST in July. On this forum I learned of a second air filter which may be installed INSIDE of the existing air filter to remove any particles the first filter missed. This filter may not be in the L2501 parts list. The local mechanic told me in my case it is unnecessary...
  9. Roadworthy

    Loose L Series Seat

    I don't know if it's common or I'm just "lucky". My seat was shaky when I flipped it up and I noticed the pivot pin had worked its way partially out. I removed it to check and the end was drilled for a cotter pin. I put on a thin layer of grease to ease installation and put it back into its...