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  1. foobert

    A reasonable alternative to 2 grease guns?

    If my understanding is correct, it seems good shop needs 2 grease guns: one w/ a moly based grease for high pressure applications like FEL pins, and one w/ a lithium based grease for roller/ball bearings on the mower deck. I'd like to just keep a single gun in the shop -- I use so little, it...
  2. foobert

    Who's the likely buyer of a detached BX25 backhoe

    Was perusing the local craigslist and stumbled on this ad for a bare BX25 backhoe attachement (no tractor). Can you actually buy a BX25 w/o the backhoe from the dealer? Otherwise, it seems like a tough sell as anyone with the tractor that has the compatible sub-frame already has the hoe. No...
  3. foobert

    Idling vs shutdown and restart

    Tractor is running, but you just stopped to wait for something else and you anticipate it’ll be X minutes until the next movement. What’s your personal threshold time for letting the tractor idle while waiting vs shutting it down and restarting? What’s your rationale for that number?
  4. foobert

    Push me off the ledge

    Went to the dealer and drove a BX2380 around the parking lot. My concern of the treadle pedal was not really an issue. I've got a line on used RCK60B mower deck with all the BX attachment links + shaft. That deck was from a 50 series, but, the linkages look exactly the same to my eye --...