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    BX1880 Capability

    Having had over the years several BX models and several B tractors I now have a grand L bottom line don’t cut yourself short with too small a tractor. . When at the local dealer yesterday I noticed that the base L series is actually less than a BX and you get a larger sturdier frame and more...
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    Tractor seats

    I think we found a solution. First the seat off a ZD1211 is slightly too wide but the seat off a lower line Z mower will fit. It does not have adjustable recline but you can get some adjustment by loosening the bolts etc. the depth of the seat is better than the OEM seat that comes on the grand...
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    Tractor seats

    At least my dealer is trying. I cut a neighbor widow two acre field Tuesday and my sciatic reacted in the worst way . We have fabricated a new bracket but the seat they tried was not deeper. I had the opportunity several months ago to visit with several engineers from Kubota Japan and I was...
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    Tractor seats

    I’m about at the end of my rope trying to find a comfortable seat for my Kubota grad L. The stock seat is short (butt to knee) hard and offers no support to things or back. Besides you tend to slide forward out of the seat. The dealer has been great trying to help but no success yet. The seat on...
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    Hearing Protection

    Always looking for good ear protection. When shooting rifle ear muffs rub against the stock so I have looked for electronic ear buds. Tried the Walkers and not happy with the sound reduction. Has anyone tried theAxil GS digital ?
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    Great dealer

    Periodically I see complaints about dealers so I thought I would share some great comments. I have done business with Ewald Kubota for over 20 years and bought more product than the average bear from them . Having gone through several BZ and B series tractors last fall I upgraded to a cabbed...
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    Mowing with a Bx

    If you can swing it the best approach is two vehicles. A tractor for the open areas and a good zero turn to mow the tighter areas and around trees in the long run saves time etc
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    Mowing with a Bx

    Tell me about the aerator/ roller you are towing
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    upgrading to a B2601 "

    Over the years I had several BX units, nice little yard tractor, great for mowing nd light duty. However low ground clearance and only two speed HST are limiting factors. Upgraded to “B “ 2601. Much better but still somewhat limited and narrow track was a concern. Briefly tried a B2650 ( now I...
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    Pulled the Trigger L3560

    I have had several BX and several B machines before I settled on the L3560 with cab-...its everything I’ve wanted in a tractor. I have the 555 loader and switch between the bucket and pallet forks. Plenty of power, comfortable cab and great stability. Like the fuel filler low nd the foot...
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    Big tool rack - no returns in 7 years claim

    I have one and it is well built and the company is very helpful. Yes it ie expensive but then quality is. Nice way to organize my yard tools and easily get them where I need them . Easy to hook to the tractor using a quick hitch it will carry a bunch . I’m a happy owner and never considered the...
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    Mowing Grass - Help With My Next Mower, Please

    I had a kubota ZD1800 with a 54”deck for thirteen years and two years ago traded for a ZD1211 with a 60” deck love the power of the diesel and the quality of Kubota. By the way they gave me the full price I had paid for my ZD1800 when I traded it and it immediately sold it for 700 more, Kubota...
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    My Achin’ Back!

    I had the seat from a high end BX retrofitted to the B2601 and it made all the difference
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    No quotes being given now

    Ewald Kubota ( stores centered around San Antonio Texas) has some inventory ..... they have eleven separate facilities and they are good people to deal with
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    Was not aware of the need for wider rims but the wider tires would make even less of acturf imprint
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    Had R4 s on my B2601 and my L3560 just delivered with the same tire. Since I normally operate on turf or roads and not in fields, woods etc I’m thinking of moving to turf tires for a smoother ride and less damage to turf .... comments
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    Help another newbie decide between a B2601 vs LX2610

    The LX2610 is the old B2650 and is a slightly larger frame than the B2601. I have a 2601 a dam upgrading to a L3560 even though I do not have that much acreage . The reasons are the treadle peddle on the “BX, B and LX are all stiff and especially hard for reverse. Additionally I don’t like the...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Just looked at it rain all last week and ground very soft . When it dries first thing out is Kubota mower
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    Safety of zero turn mowers

    I’ve tried to correct the last sentence three times and when I go to save it defaults back to that numeric garbage
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    Safety of zero turn mowers

    I have used commercial grade zero turn mowers for over twenty years and while I never use the seat belt I do always have the the ROPS up . I do use the seat belt when using the tractor on any slope ( narrower track and higher center of gravity) also my wife and kids (when they lived with us...