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  1. gurn

    My mom started a blog

    This is something my mom has been wanting to do for a while now and has been preparing for it in great detail. Do any of you're wives or moms do this? I guess this is becoming quite popular. I thought I might share as her blog for today is about me as its my bd and she talks about my Kubota...
  2. gurn

    Shield 303tractor fluid any good?

    Advance Auto has it on sale and was wondering if anyone uses it and how it is for an older tractor like mine?
  3. gurn

    Great way to check temps on tractor

    Bought this and I am pleased with how it works. It's a great way to look for hot spots on the block too. Keep it in the tool box on the tractor.
  4. gurn

    Coolant level?

    I never have been able to figure out what the exact level should be on my L175. I read somewhere one time that it should be to the bottom of the filler tube which is down in there about two inches. As this is a percolating cooling system I want to keep it just right. Thanks. sorry about the...
  5. gurn

    Heads up on Craigs list TN.

    If I had the extra cash I might be tempted with this project. Fel is probably worth what he is asking.
  6. gurn

    L 175 sale brochure find

    This is the first one of these I have seen so I had to buy it to go with the other books and stuff for my L175. Its an original 1973 not a reprint.Six page foldout. :D
  7. gurn

    WTT Woods 59

    Fits Kubota L175 , L225 may be others. Model L59-K17-1 . Want a 3 point dirt scoop as trade. This came on the tractor when I got it and I took it off before I restored the tractor so I never used it. The previous owner said it...
  8. gurn

    You'r other forum haunts?

    I bet a lot of us have other hobbies that we have found some good forums for. Lets share our finds.
  9. gurn

    3 point dirt scoop?

    Anyone use one of these before? I think I need one.
  10. gurn

    Front weight ?

    Is 200 lbs. ok for a front weight on my L175? I can stand on the front bumper and it feels rock solid and I'm more than 200 unfortunately.:(
  11. gurn

    Happy leep year all!!!

    What are you all going to do with the extra day this year? :p Any good leep party's tonight? :D
  12. gurn

    Heads up, Kubota L175 Ebay Shelton CT
  13. gurn

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    If you did something to or on you're tractor today and you don't want to start a new thread then post it here :D I installed a horn I took from a tiny Toyota and then installed a decompression cable on mine today. Was going to do a little grading on the drive but got tired :(...
  14. gurn

    ROPS installation L175 & L225

    Took about two months for delivery but at last they are here. Cost was $148 + tax and $70 freight. First thing I did was replace a leaking oil seal around the pto. The only other advice I might add is to tap and clean out the two threaded holes where the studs are installed. After years those...
  15. gurn

    Craigslist Nashville heads up..

    on a Kubota pushmower.
  16. gurn

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I hope everyone has a great one and tries not to get too stuffed:D
  17. gurn

    Heads up, an L4200 parts tractor on Ebay

    Saw this one and thought it would be a good parts tractor for someone here if you can get it for the right price. The poor thing looks plum wore out for sure.
  18. gurn

    easy race removal steering box L175

    Vic. I improved on the nail head method for removing the race inside the steering gear box.Made a tool from an old screwdriver and then dropped washers in one by one as the race pried up. The washer work perfect as leverage. The nail just didn't cut it. that race was in there tight.
  19. gurn

    Kubota blue paint

    I found a perfect match for the blue paint for my L175. Rust-Oleum 24863 Gloss Night Tide found it at Walmart for under $4.
  20. gurn

    About the rear main seal

    The motor rear main oil seal, can it just be pulled out and replaced or does the cover with all those bolts have to come out and the seal removed from the back of that? BTW its from a L175.