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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Asking for a little advice and to either be talked off a ledge or over one. Recently I have been wondering if I should upgrade to a L2501. Working with my B2601 has been great but when moving around IBC cages of green oak it has had me wondering if I should have gone a little bigger. The tractor...
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    Brand New LP SGC0554 Hydro Leak

    So I finally got my tractor back after fixing a engine oil leak under warranty, installing a 3rd function, and purchasing a new LP grapple. Right after delivery I checked all the fluids, moved my bucket with the grapple, parked it and went to the dump. Once I got home I started playing around...
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    B2601 Grapple Dilemma

    So I bought my B2601 about a year ago and love the tractor. The one thing I wish I did when I bought it was get a grapple and third function right away. Well I am changing that now but want to make sure I dont regret my decision moving forward. As it stands my delear has a LP third function and...