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    Need MX6000 part numbers

    Messicks for parts numberings
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    Perfect opportunity to skip getting stuck with the orphan model 4701 and get the far better MX for the same money
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    Spray Lube

    Deep creep
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    L3901 needs engine. What went wrong?

    Sell it and start over, get KTAC insurance
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    LX3310 HST Whine

    You always wear hearing protection anyway
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    NAPA and Others Class Action Lawsuit on 303 - 20 weight Hydraulic Fluil

    It’s the folks with equipment damage who will file claims. And great for the lawyers they get $4mil
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    Plastic PTO Guard - Chain it ? - or Let it spin..?

    We only chain them at the implement end
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    Replacing Loader Hydraulic Hoses

    We use pvc spiral hose wrap on all hoses even in sleeves
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    L2501 power upgrade

    The power upgrade is replace it with a 3901/2
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    Hydraulic leak

    It’s easy to bash that pipe. Just replace it, once it’s bent it’s going to leak
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    Finish Mower with a quick hitch?

    Move the hook up. The top hook can be loose on the implement that’s normal
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    The PRICE of super UDT2 - are you kidding?

    That price seems quite reasonable- you only change it every 400 hours
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    Implement Delivery Delays?

    We waited 15 weeks for our new Brown 416 cutter
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    Finish Mower with a quick hitch?

    If the cheaper brand is quick hitch compatible ie will hook right up
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    3 Point Quick Hitch Suggestions

    Pats requires too much on and off the tractor. It’s good if you have a lot of ancient now obsolete implements
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    Help me please

    Take it back to the shop