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    Chipper-shredder available now?

    Are any manufacturers (almost) caught up? Due to local windstorms a chipper has gone from the "maybe someday" list to the "shoulda bought in 2020" list.
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    Add grapple to pallet forks on a budget -- Precision Manufacturing vs Titan vs ???

    I do not think that I would use these all that often, the main purpose for now would be hauling brush to a burn pile. I was looking at the Precision Manufacturing product (their adjustable version is over 10 weeks out and about $1500 + shipping). Titan has a similar product, in stock, for...
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    Ideas for building 3-pt ballast/carry all

    I have been contemplating filling a 55-gallon drum with cement and whatever scrap metal I have on hand and calling it good. I'm not sure how often I would need the weight when I wouldn't already have an implement on the rear, and the ability to hang extra weights off of my box-blade and/or off...
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    Engaging PTO for off-tractor use

    On my L5740 the seat safety switch can be bypassed by folding the seat forward before engaging the PTO. I was taught to push the clutch in when engaging or disengaging the PTO (on other tractors w/ 2-stage clutches, and I think in this users manual also). Surely they don't want me to try to...
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    small garden -- rip then till? (what's a ripper, subsoiler, middle-buster, etc?)

    I have a small garden, and wondering how to use my new small tractor to help with annual prep and expansion. In the past I've tried to use a cultivator or box-blade rippers so that I could use a walk-behind tiller on new pasture and just used a shovel and a tiller on last years garden. I no...
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    Intermittent slow loader. 3-point works fine (maybe)

    Hi all, This is an LA854 loader on an L5740. The loader normally works OK, with the joystick corners not seeming to be in quite the right place, but the tractor is new to me. Every so often the boom controls are really slow, yet the bucket seems to tip at the correct speed. If the...
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    Paint Colors that are "close enough"?

    Is there a Rustoleum or other decent metal paint that kinda sorta matches Kubota Orange and/or Kubota Grey? My Runnings has green and red paints with a picture of a tractor on the can that pretty much matches those (but takes care to not say Deere or IH, so it costs the same as the other...
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    New to diesel -- what don't I know?

    I grew up around gas engines and know how to do anything required there. I did not grow up around tractors, except for very occasionally using a Kubota in my construction jobs. I was in my late 30s by the time I moved out of town and got a tractor, but up until now I've had gas tractors...
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    How much ballast and how -- "new" L5740

    I just got my L5740. Tires are loaded with CaCl, which I was told had leaked and been cleaned up. Turns out this was not the case--they are still leaking. I'm taking it to the tire place on Monday to get rim cleaned up and new tubes. Nobody here (within 50 miles) does "beet juice", and the...
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    Can an L5740 handle a (7 ft) IH-80 snowblower

    Hi All, I just got an L5740 to replace a JD 3020 (and a Ford 4000). I've already got the IH-80 with the hydraulic spout and the 3020 did OK with it. Not great (reverse gear is too tall), but OK. The JD claims 70-ish PTO horsepower, but this one was gas (and obviously 50 years old). Surely...