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  1. mpham

    B2650 PTO shaft hook up

    Hi: No matter where I put the lever I can't get the shaft on the tractor to rotate so I can get the teeth to line up. What's the trick? Tried trans in neutral, key on, middle pto only, middle and rear. I even tried with the tractor running. I can't turn the implement so what's the deal? Thanks.
  2. mpham

    made a new Christmas present for my tractor

    Had some orange and black paracord sitting around so I made a fob.
  3. mpham

    B2650 cab joystick hits steering wheel

    Anyone else have a B2650 cab that the joystick hits the wheel when you try to dump the bucket and lower the arms? I tried tightening up the cable on the stick end. Seems like there is a lot of play before it moves anything. Might have to remove the seat in the spring and see what it looks like...
  4. mpham

    B2650 mod if I can post pics

    Grabbed an old plastic drum from the pile of stuff: Started cutting on it with this: Bent up a bunch of steel: Put some primer on it and paint:
  5. mpham

    Factoryfront cab lights

    Removed from my B2650 tractor. Factory lights and wires. I replaced them with a light bar immediately. Installed but not used. Sell online for $75.00 each. I will sell for $100.00 for the set, you pay shipping. only ship to continental usa. pm me with questions or details. Phil.
  6. mpham

    Electrical connection question

    My new B2650 is already wired for rear work lights. I already have a set on hand with no plug. Anyone know the part number for the existing tractor plug? Don't want to cut the factory wire. Would rather modify the lights.