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    Vactrac - Interesting

    Sounds like a lot of air is being introduced to the system!
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    Flat face style couplers.... garbage or somthing else?

    I guess they were ok before you removed the loader? Did you try unhooking them and reattaching? When you hooked up were you too far away but forced the coupler on anyway? In my opinion these couplers dont start leaking on their own without some operator error! Many have complained about the BX...
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    Big problem with my loader LA344

    You never put the loader stand down.
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    BX brake pedal height

    Dont press the brake pad! Press the shaft below the pad. I only use it for an e brake. The machine stops itself when you take your foot off the pedal!
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    B2601 Grill Guard

    Dan summed it up pretty well! Yep! Pretty looking, pretty expensive and if you use it enough it will look pretty ugly all bent up! Next will be a guard to protect the guard.
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    5 Fall food plots for Nachos.

    Interesting that you can hunt over a feeder! Its a big No No in Pa.
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    Flat Face Coupler

    Yes an implement unhooked from the system will build pressure if it wasn't relieved before being disconnected and grapple should be closed all the way! If not it will relax close up and build pressure. If you still cant hook up you can burp the fitting by loosening and relieving pressure or push...
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    BX24 winter cab build

    I love the ballast can!
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    New BX 1880 Owner

    Yep it only takes a few chest beating braggers yelling ME ME ME its all about me! Honestly I dont think a certain someone wanted to flame the OP but it was just an opportunity to talk about himself. I hope i dont get like that when Im 81! LOL!
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    That is pretty cool!
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    Awesome dogs thread

    So sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. You just need time. Im on dog #5. I said I was done but after 4 years without I got another and so happy I did!
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    Where does your Orange live? Join location Groups!!!

    Its much easier to set you cursor over someones avatar to see where they are from unless they never entered it!
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    Winter Bucket Prep - Snow Coating?

    I dont use the blower (walk behind Ariens Platinum) when the snow is wet and sloppy! The blade and FEL gets it done!
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    BX Series - First Service

    Sounds like you just were not prepared. I watched videos of the fuel filter replacement and had no problem except for being too crippled to get on and off the ground! HEHE oh that hurt!
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    Can anyone spot a common cause for my electrical issues?

    Did you check the crappy plug going to the alternator?
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    Winter Bucket Prep - Snow Coating?

    I'm cheap! I don't use anything, but then I've never seen a need in the 5 years using the BX's FEL and rear blade! I can possibly see something used for a snowblower chute, but again in the 37 years here I have never needed to unclog a snowblower chute! Are you guys sure your just not bored and...
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    I was moderated… correctly…

    Oh man that gave me a good chuckle!
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    BX24 winter cab build

    How about a pic of the back of the tractor! I see something interesting back there!
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    New Kubota Attachment Delays?

    I tried the plastic deck boards. It shattered after a few uses. YMMV!
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    Need a bigger alternator on your B series?

    So......after all that time work and money how well does that heater work? I just tied into the thermostat housing and lower radiator hose. EZ! I guess if your hooking up all kinds of power pulling toys to your tractor the way you went is worth it? Just curious.