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    Wanting to buy an exhaust manifold for a 1550B model.

    I'll have to check the shop shelf, but I think I have one.
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    Grey Market L2000 - Mechanics special

    Got any pictures of it?
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    Wanted- V2203 engine accessories

    I'll have to check my parts shelf, but I think I have an exhaust manifold
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    B7100 injector assistance

    Oh ok. Makes sense, thanks.
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    Iso D1503 crank and rods or used engine

    I'll be taking the engines to the machine shop to have an adapter made soon. 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500. 4 speed manual with overdrive...... AND....will be powered by a V1505 turbo!! I'll lose a little top end due to rpm range, but I'll discuss it all when I create a build thread.
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    Iso D1503 crank and rods or used engine

    I know! It's been a while! Working on just about everything, but importing, testing, and shipping engines has me busy 8 days a week! I found out last night that my email has been putting OTT emails in the spam folder. I got that fixed, so you should see me on here more often. Also, I picked up...
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    Iso D1503 crank and rods or used engine

    I have a D1703 coming in on my next load. Give me a call, 931-397-3969.
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    B7100 injector assistance

    Wolfman, What do you mean by "Rebuild is 469 high"? Thanks
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    D905 governor

    The governor weights and springs will need to be changed along with the throttle lever plate. I have these parts and am interested in your gen spec parts if you'd like to swap. Call me, Chris, at 9three1-3nine7-39six9
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    Engine shutdown issue

    I don't think the L295 came with a fuel shutoff solenoid, but if it did, it would be mounted directly to the block behind the fuel injection pump, above the hydraulic pump, under the intake manifold. If it has one, it will have 2 wires and a standard molex connector about 5 inches away from the...
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    Kubota D750 engine part out (Ca)

    Yes, I'll take it Send me your address and I'll send you a check.
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    Kubota D750 engine part out (Ca)

    Is the fuel injection pump still available? I'll take it if so.
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    My B6100e build swapped d950 an more.....

    Wanna sell that angled thermostat cover? How about that front engine mount in the background and the rear plate that you're not using? Thanks
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    B670 Backhoe Rebuild

    I have a few parts for the D750 engine including a set of injectors. NIW, PM me with a list of what you need, and I'll dig around.
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    Breaking sod with a tiller (any tips/tricks?)

    I tried something similar with mine. I mowed the grass really short and sprayed weed killer. Let that soak for a few days and then hit the weak spot hard and sprayed over the rest, then tiller it in. I waited 2 weeks after that and sprayed and tilled again. Worked great.
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    I 2nd what gcmiller said. Make sure that cooling system is watched over very well.
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    D1803 Parts

    As an Importer/Seller of used diesel engines from Japan, I know that this engine (and it's interchangeable sister engines) are very hard to find. Best bet, IMHO, is searching different areas of Craigslist for head or used engine.
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    Breaking sod with a tiller (any tips/tricks?)

    My tilling tractor is a Yanmar YM1410D :eek: with 3 PTO speeds (IDK what rpm they are). I start off breaking sod in 1st gear with PTO in 1st gear also.Engine (14 hp lol) around 2000-2200 rpm. I make 2 passes like that working about 3 inches of dirt, moist or dry is no different. Two mores...
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    B7100 mystery wires

    I'm pretty certain my old B7100 had the same connectors there, but everything worked so I didn't create myself a problem by trying to figure out what they were for. Actually, it had brake lights, but they didn't work. Maybe those connectors are for a brake switch?
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    That's awesome! I think it's the Yanmar engine in that compartment. A little too far for me...

    That's awesome! I think it's the Yanmar engine in that compartment. A little too far for me though. I just drove 270 miles to Evansville, IN to get a welder/generator and I was pooped after that trip. Out to KC would be double that! I don't know if I could handle it.