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    Front tire valve stem issue after popped bead

    I guess I have a blown bead on a tire, would be my first and basing on what I see on the internet. I was working in soupy mud, so there is gooey soupy mess inside, i can see it. I tried rinsing it out, but little success. I really think the tire needs to come off. With that said, I tried to...
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    down pressure on a rear blade, add weights the only solution?

    I thought about this before I bought the blade, too. Currently its use is for snow along with front snowblower, it too could use some weight in the float position. I notice that it really does float and in most cases that is good, I guess. My driveway is quite uneven. It seems like I can...
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    B2782B snowblower coupling change to 90° help

    I have disliked the factory coupling, and thus hose routing, for my B2650 with B2782B snowblower. The straight up couplers at the cab side connections are poorly thought out!!!! I want to go 90° and this will allow better hose routing and, in my opinion anyways, less stress on the...
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    Odd thought, can I change the ignition switch?

    As an added security measure, since I will bet the ignition key is less than unique, can it be replaced with one from an automobile/truck?
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    Canopies and trailering your tractor

    Saw this on the way home today and wanted to throw it out there as I would not have thought about it. You canopy was NOT designed for road travel speeds!!!! It was designed for your tractor speed. This canopy was just waving in the wind like a wet towel. I do not know if it made it all the way...
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    Anyone using an Everything Attachments read blade? comments please

    I have a rear blade on my B2650HSDC, nobody had an orange one so I had to get a green one but I think it is actually the same minus the color, and I don't like the need to unbolt the blade to offset it left or right. EA's appears to slide, a much better design if it holds up. Looking for any...
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    Cylinder ram lubrication

    I was watching a youtube video and they sprayed the exposed ram of the hydraulic cylinders with WD-40. Is this a good idea or is there no need or is there some other product to use other than WD-40?
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    B2650HSDC(probably not cab specific) steering wheel removal

    I have been doing some wiring modifications and am frustrated that I cannot fully remove the plastic shroud that covers the stuff under the dash. I can remove the screw in the upper middle and the 2 low side bolts, but that piece does not seem to come off without removing the steering wheel...
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    changing fittings on third function, straight to 90°

    I have the Land Pride third function kit, For my application, the straight fittings at the valve are wrong, they need to be 45° or 90° but I do not know how to determine their size. How do I, without removing them...
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    dolly for FEL

    B2650HSDC with the LA534 FEL I have dollies for my other implements, but not the FEL. I have tried a search on this site and on utube, but only really come up with the dolly for the BX. I need to determine how heavy duty it needs to be to allow removal from the tractor. If this is not...
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    front electrical charging outlet, on dash, removal

    I wanted to remove the charging outlet from the dash of my B2650 with cab, and am not seeing how it comes out. Anyone done this on this or any other tractor? There does not appear to be any type of retaining ring or threads. The back, behind the dash, appears to have ribs to keep it from...
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    B2650 air filter grease

    Just got a new air filter set and there is a packet of grease attached to it. Says to use it to make the fit better. There are 2 photos with arrows, but still clear as to where is goes. Anyone else greasing their air filters?:confused:
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    LED work lights and radio interference

    I changed my factory front lights to LEDs and added LEDs to the rear in the stock locations. When I use the rear lights they make my FM headphones have poor reception/interference. Is there something to be done? Can't say if it has the same effect on the radio, I don't use it much.
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    New tractor orientation

    Where do you learn, preferably hands on, how to use your tractor and implements properly? Should the dealer have taken the time? This forum is definitely helpful!!! Youtube is helpful, but you never know if the information is correct. I would think that the dealer would have a class, maybe...
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    2650 cab and Harbor Freight quick hitch

    Bought the QH and a modified top link hook and gave it a try this evening. Even on the lowest holes, the 3pt does not drop down far enough to allow the top or bottom to get under the pins. Am I doing something wrong?
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    rear work lights, adding an on-off-on switch

    I have a B2650 cab with rear work lights, factory on/off switch. I want to add a switch to the HST pedal to automatically activate the rear lights when I go in reverse and still retain the always on option. I have the pedal switch and a 7 pin on/off/on switch but am having a mental block on...
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    B2650 loader joystick alterations

    I have a dealer installed/factory 3rd function on my joystick and this seems to make hitting the steering wheel even worse than just the joystick. Has anyone altered, bent or replaced, the factory supplied rod or joystick? Would bending it harm anything, I can't see how as it is just a solid...
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    2782B snowblower: very disappointed in ability

    This is the second season with this and I am regretting the decision to buy this. :mad: Prior I had a riding mower with a Bercomac snowblower. This is an 18HP riding mower and the pto belt drives the 2 stage 48" snowblower. Other than the fact the mower was open diff and I had the occasional...
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    RB1672 vs RB2672

    B2650HSDC Can you go to small on a blade? Sizing chart says either would work as well as an RB2684. I don't think I need the 84". Thoughts? Recommendations. Experiences. Mostly for snow clean up and for gravel driveway. Landplane is main driveway tool, but it is not great in wet conditions.
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    B2650 with cab and 2782B snowblower hydraulic hose routing

    Can anyone post photos of how the hoses are routed for a front snowblower set up. Dealer routed them last year when it was delivered and routed them through 2 double ring holders. The rear holder seemed to be in the wrong spot and difficult to remove hoses from, so I removed it. I just...