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  1. Tooljunkie

    Season’s greetings

    We would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!
  2. Tooljunkie

    3 point lever adjustment

    Hey, did a brief search and i dont see anything relevant. My L1501 lever drops. As i raise implement its normal as soon as i let go of lever it moves on its own,downwards. Is there a tension adjustment for the lever,i see a double nut but dont want to start poking around blindly and cause...
  3. Tooljunkie

    Kubota still fits

    Did a small modification to my small garage where kubota hibernates. Found a double opening patio door and installed it outside of my overhead door. Double sealed from the wrath of winter. Gives me light and an easier passage into garage without leaving big door open all day. Side entrance is...
  4. Tooljunkie

    Something so simple

    Who would have thought something so simple would make life that much easier. This has been a problem as my grip is not as good as it used to be.
  5. Tooljunkie

    Truck ramp,deck and tailgate

    Photos of just completed ramp and deck for loading snowmobiles and atv's. I was building them at my previous job,now they want more. First of three i have to do. My new welder is working great. Will put up another photo next post. Tailgate accepts ramp,well secured. Angled back so atv's...
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    Problems last few days

    Only site i have been experiencing problems, page keeps reloading. Frustrating when i'm posting a reply.
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    Run one past the oh great ones

    Now that i have a box scraper someting new has reared its ugly head. The adjustable side link on my three point is on its last leg. I have a couple small hydraulic cylinders. Picture one on each 3 point link and a valve connecting the 2. As one extends the other retracts. Open valve and...
  8. Tooljunkie

    Another box scraper build

    So here is my box scraper. Made from drops and leftovers from other projects. first stage.3/16" x12x24 long for ends and 48" wide. Upside down at this point. Pipes welded in and square tube for mounting three point to. Nuts welded to square so i can offset it to either side. Three point...
  9. Tooljunkie

    L35 clutch question

    An old friend (he is old)helped his nephew split his tractor to repair an oil leak. Clutch appeared to be in good condition so it was left untouched. Now they have slipped it back together and the clutch seems to have no free play. My old friend is experienced with all kinds of machinery...
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    This is new

    "An error occurred and page had to reload" I experienced difficulty typing in a reply.
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    Good deal or not

    B6100E for 650,havent seen it yet but engine is in pieces. Im guessing it is somewhat destroyed. Engines easy to find or easier to repower? Any advice is appreciated.
  12. Tooljunkie

    Getting hit with junk ads

    Just a quick note, dont quite know how to describe it, click on a theead, start reading and ads keep flipping one after another. This is what appeared.
  13. Tooljunkie

    Pigeons really getting my Goat.

    Its a good thing i dont have anything in my storage shed yet, pigeons are showing up and not leaving. Guess i need to start picking them off. There is around 20. They sure make a mess.
  14. Tooljunkie

    Somethin i never thought would happen

    Had a massive storm blow through, no big deal i thought. Lightning struck 100 feet from house. Scared the crap outta me. Looked outside to see where it hit, saw nothing. A few minutes later my wife is yelling, smoke coming from somewhere. Neighbours garage has flames coming out his roof vent,we...
  15. Tooljunkie

    Front Hitch

    Have had the need for a front hitch for a long time,decided it was time. Cut up a truck hitch and used the square welded to the round tube, extended it to front bracket mount. Should be atrong enough.
  16. Tooljunkie

    In searc of a manual

    Some of you guys are skilled in the art of searching out repair manuals. I just scored a cushman groommaster landscape rake. Was a sweet deal and i couldnt pass it up. Got it running, but wouldnt mind learning about the hydraulics- setting pressure and type of oil to use. Dont want to change...
  17. Tooljunkie

    Avatar issue

    My avatar isnt appearing on my posts, what looks like a printer and it appears to be loading. If i go into my profile the picture is still there but grainy. Thought it unusual as every other avatar is still intact.
  18. Tooljunkie

    ZB7000 yes or no?

    Looking at buying a ZB7000. Snowblower, loader, forks and rear blade. Anyting i need be concerned about?
  19. Tooljunkie

    Not my typical day at work Custom light install for a local authority. Beats oil changes and brake jobs.
  20. Tooljunkie

    Show Us Your Modified/Homebrewed Tools

    As a visitor to many forums, i have seen many threads about tools. Except here. As my name states, i have a problem with tools. So as days go by and needs for odd or hard to get tools arise, i am forced to use my imagination. So im wondering how to remove a broken stud in close quarters- no...