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    PFL1242 Land Pride pallet forks

    Everything is crazy now. I had to go with EAs forks when I bought do to there being nothing around that was priced reasonably and weren't so heavy that it would take away from my lift capacity. Whichever pair you get make sure you check the weight of the forks like stated above and definitely...
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    B2601 selection lever not moving

    I have had the same issue with mine as well from the get go. There are other posts here which explain in better detail than I can on how to rectify the situation. Mine was usually stuck in the mid position (left there cause of my mid mount mower) so I would try to move the rear pto by hand while...
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    You want how much?!! AKA fixing a wood burning stove.

    Good work. I also have. PE stove and love it. Wish I had the room for an old All Nighter Big Moe.
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    Woodland Mills WC-68 or WoodMaxx TM-8H or WoodMaxx WM-8H

    Lots of good info on this thread. One question I have about the WC-68 is how easily would it take some of the gnarly beech I would want to put through it? I am wondering if it would require a lot of pruning of the wild off shoot branches which jut out in weird directions or if the chute would...
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    No Grapple, no glory

    If you ordered from EA you would be waiting as well. Lead times could be anywhere from 3-5 months. Homestead implements lead time is 7-8 weeks. Those are two companies I know people have had good luck with. I'm sure there are more to come to this thread.
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    BH77 Storage Cart

    If you lived around me I definitely would help you out, but I live pretty far away from you and shipping something like that would probably be stupid expensive.
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    BH77 Storage Cart

    I don't know about where to buy one but I made one following this guys idea and it works awesome. Makes taking the BH off and putting it back on even quicker.
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    Chipmunks - is there no end to them?

    Alvin and his buddies were having a buffet in my garden this summer so I used rat traps baited with peanut butter.
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    Compact tractor purchase

    Speaking of the L2501 and bogging down, does anyone have experience with one and a BH on the back? Neil from Messicks said in one video the L2501 seemed to have a hard time moving around with the BH especially on hills. To the OP, if I had a question between the B series and LX series and money...
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    Backhoe / Snowblower dolly

    That looks great! Nice work
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    Upgrading ? LX or L series

    Awesome congrats!
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Very true about no fun during a blizzard. Good thought about using one on the rear as ballast to stack a 1/2 tote on top of another.
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Thank you! Yea, that would be a big upgrade for me. Totes are the best but I dont think i could swing getting into that big of a tractor to be able to stack them two high. I will check the specs like you said and explore a little bit cause it never hurts to be informed.
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Which model would allow me to stack them two high? I am asking because I truly don't have any idea and want to weigh my options very carefully this time around.
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Around 3.5 to 4 cords per year but that was with some mild winters at the new house. So far I have 15 totes filled over the top rail, a pallet rack with about a cord, and three free stacked cords here and there. Just got the totes this year and boy they make life WAY easier. Being able to cut...
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Didn't take it that way at all. My friend was talking me into a BX23S when I first started this journey and one of Neil's videos put that to bed. All this tree work/firewood processing kind of fell in my lap and was too good to turn down. Along with all the other projects and work I have...
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Like you an L would be tight working around the house. Out where I have cleared for the tree/firewood work it would not be a problem. An MX on the other hand would not allow me to do really anything around the house I think with it being so tight in certain spots.
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Very true. Guess I just got spoiled when I was lucky enough to get 0% for 84.
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Thank you for the replies. I agree having forks which flipped up would be nice for storage purposes, and if they fit most standard pallets I wouldn't be too concerned if they weren't adjustable since my front forks are. Would be nice to have a carryall ready which I could hook up to the rear...
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    Pointless Upgrade?

    Thank you. I was thinking of trying something like this in the meantime.