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  1. bsd

    Upgrade L4060 Hydraulics to L47?

    I bought my L4060 (-LE but since added most/all items from L4060). I'd love to have a skid loader auger, or skid loader chipper/shredder. These items use hydro power and it seems the L4060's hydro needs some viagra. I also didn't have any rear hydro when I bought it. The farmer next door was...
  2. bsd

    WTB: L4060HST 3rd function or other?

    Just ordered a new L4060HST-LE. The salesdroid told me the 3rd function for my grapple should be ready in a week, two weeks worst case. That was a month ago. I'm looking for anyone's used, or spare 3rd function valve kit (L2265) or two-lever hydraulic quick coupler & third function valve...
  3. bsd

    Size doesn't matter? Since when?

    My wife and I decided to retire to a "hobby" farm, so we bought a 15 acre farm in SE Michigan. I know I'm going to need a tractor, but after spending weeks looking at new and used tractors, as well as watching dozens of youtubes, and reading forum posts, I'm no further along as far as choosing...
  4. bsd

    L4060HST vs L4060HST-LE

    I've searched, but come up empty. What's the mechanical difference between the L4060HST and the L4060HST-LE? There's a couple thousand dollar price diff, but what's the material diff?