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    Hurricane Ian

    Hoping everyone who was in it’s path or still is it’s path, is safe. Prayers for all that are affected by it.
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    Veterans Day

    To all Veterans and their Families, Thank You for your service and Sacrifice to our country and remember those that didn’t make it home.
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    Time to get OTT back under control

    It is time to get Orange Tractor Talks back under control and to get all the political agendas and abusive personal attacking threads out of here. The is a tractor forum to share information and help others. If you feel strongly about the original intent of Mr K, please send him a PM encouraging...
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    RCK54-24B Mower Blade Question

    Does anyone know if Kubota made more than one blade option for this deck? I am looking to see if they make both a low lift and high lift blade? I posted another thread about a B7500 with this deck running low on power mowing and in doing some research online, I found someone who had similar...
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    B7500 and 54”MMM Power Question

    Looking for information from anyone who has experience using a B7500 with a 54***8221;MMM. I am taking care of my father***8217;s yard this year because his health has declined. He has a B7500 with the 54***8221;MMM which previous to this I had only used a little bit. He bought it used 4 years...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. At -2 degrees Fahrenheit 10” of snow on the ground it has to one of the most winter like Thanksgiving we have had for a long time. Enjoy the day and the company.
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    Which Snowblower to Choose??

    The CFO, SWMBO, has given the green light to buy a snowblower for my B2920. I want a front mount as my neck is screwed up and looking backwards for long time is out. I am trying to decide which one to get. The dealer has given me prices on the 51" B2781 and the 63" B2782 and the BX5455HD. He...
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    Note to Moderators

    If the moderators are going to move posts around from one category to another, instead of just marking the original listing as moved, put down where it was moved to. If you have been following a post and all of a sudden it's gone because it has been moved, right now there is no way of knowing...
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    Latest Purchase Used BH65

    I have been looking for a backhoe for my B2920. I really didn't want to pay the $8300 for a new BH65 with thumb, so have been keeping my eye out for a used backhoe. While cruising thru the lot of a dealer about 25 miles from me last November, I spied a used BH65. Because of the Holidays and...
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    Woods Groundbreaker BH6000 Backhoe

    Woods Groundbreaker BH6000 Backhoe Questions? Does anybody have a Woods Groundbreaker BH6000 backhoe on their Kubota? I am looking to see if they work well on a B Series tractor like a B2920. I have seen one for sale that came off a B7610 and was wondering if they are a good fit for my B2920...
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    Bucket Grapple

    I recently purchased and installed a bolt on grapple for the bucket on my B2920. The one I purchased is called "The Thumb", made by Greens-Machines. Very easy to install and works great. Did not cost a lot and works great moving trees and limbs around.
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    Hitching Snowblower on B2920

    I am looking at putting a snowblower on my B2920. Can anybody with one tell me if the mid mount mower lifting mechanism can stay on the tractor while the snowblower sub frame is on? Also, can the front attaching bracket for the mower stay on the tractor?
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    Anybody Own one of these Cabs?

    Has anybody bought a cab for their tractor made by Agrital of Italy? I am looking for one for my B2920 and was quoted $3900 shipped to my door for the cab with heater. Looks like a nice cab better than some of the other...
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    snowblower for B2920

    I am looking at putting a front mount snowblower on my B2920 tractor. My dealer quoted me a couple of prices. The first is for the B2781B with manual rotator and also hydraulic rotator. The second price is for the BX5455HD which comes with the hydraulic rotator. Does anybody have any experience...
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    B7500 Front Wheel Seal Question

    I have to replace a leaking front wheel seal on my father's B7500 4x4. How is the best way to go about it. Looking at the parts page, can I just unbolt the gear case cover and remove it? Is there something holding that shaft in? Or do I go about it differently. Thanks for any Help...
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    B2920 snowblower model?

    What model Snowblower for a B2920? Does anybody know if a snowblower model B2650 off from a B7500 will fit my B2920? Are the subframes the same? I have seen one for sale used but want to checkout if it would fit before perusing it? Thanks in advance.
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    LA302 Quick Coupler Help

    Does anybody make a quick coupler for a LA302 loader on a B7500HST? I want to put one on my fathers tractor so we can take the bucket off easily and build a snow plow to go on it. If not, does anybody know if you can buy the brackets that are welded on the back side of the bucket that the pins...
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    Can You Guess What I Did This Morning?

    If you can't guess, I plowed more &*%$#@$%^&%$ and @#$%^ snow for the umpteenth thousand time. It was a wet combination of snow and sleet, about 4". Moved hard creating big bucket sized snowballs. At least we didn't get enough to knock the power out. Trees are bent over pretty good though...
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    Woods Backhoe Advice

    Does anybody have experience using a Woods BH750 backhoe on their Kubota? I have seen one for sale that is self contained with its own hydraulic pump in great shape. I have a B2920 and wonder if it is suited for it. This is a 3pt hitch mount. I know the sub-frame mount is better, but I won't be...
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    Green Tractor Ads

    How come our Orange site is INFECTED or CONTAMINATED with John Deere tractor ads???? I am not sure if anybody on OTT would really be interested in John Deere if they really like their Kubota. I find it very annoying to have all these ads that constantly scroll across the screen and block out...