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  1. lakehouse_dreaming

    Cooler Mount

    Has anyone made or found a way to mount a small cooler to your tractor? I would like to have a small one to carry snacks, water, and maybe an adult beverage or two to be able to enjoy while bush hogging the horse pasture as it takes me a couple days to do it.
  2. lakehouse_dreaming

    EA vs Homestead

    I am in the market to buy a grapple for my L3901 and I am down to two different ones, the EA wicked 55" root grapple and the Homestead Independence Series. Both seem like they would be great for what I am going to do which is clearing out some privot and other brush as well as handling downed...
  3. lakehouse_dreaming

    Quick hitch question

    Has anyone ever seen a quick hitch like this? Also how hard would it be to convert back to normal?
  4. lakehouse_dreaming

    Cultivator question

    This is my grandads old cultivator that I have, however everything I can find now has springs on it like a spring tooth plow. Is this one just missing the springs or did they used to make them as a rigid plow?