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    Picked up a 2022 copy of the Kubota Full Line Brochure today and browsed accordingly. Noticed that the F3990, which uses the same 1505 CC turbocharged/DEF engine as the B3350/LX3310 (well aware of the differences), is rated at 36.9 gross HP vis a vis 30.8 gross HP in the 3310. Suspect that...
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    B3350 and Similar Hot Hydraulics

    Yesterday, for the first time (about 110 hours) I bumped against the optional valving for the Kubota third function system and found it to be very hot. Had been mowing for 45 minutes or so, and FEL not installed (never mow with FELs installed), and third function switch was off. Valve/manifold...
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    M9960 FWA Indicator Switch

    Anyone been into one of these? Indicator has become intermittent and is worsening. Switch is between transmission housing and fuel tank. See no way of adjusting without removing fuel tank, which I will not do. Thoughts? SDT
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    L6060 M9960 LED Lamps

    Looking for LED replacement lamps for the side headlamps for both L6060 and M9960. Not the headlamps but the lamps beside the headlamps. Headlamps are H4 and may be next if I can find Led replacements that do not interfere with obstacles under hoods and rubber boots on back of lamps. Believe...
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    H4 LED Headlamps

    Finally getting around to installing LED headlamps in my M9960 and L6060. Both models use H4 lamps which I now have. Headlamp sockets are not easy to see and removal of original Halogen lamps is not obvious. Do lamps twist out for removal from rear of socket? Does wiring connector pull off...
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    Order Now

    Looks like Kubota tractor prices will increase 6% as of January 01. Hoes and skid steers will increase 9%. Order now to avoid the price increase even though you will likely pay full retail now or then. SDT
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    B1750HST Front Drive Shaft

    Lately, I've noticed noise that appears to be coming from the U joint in the front axle driveshaft. The front drive shaft is enclosed and there is no mention of any required servicing of the U joint in the Owner's Manual. Upon loosening the plastic joint between the rear driveshaft cover and...
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    Do Your Homework

    Recently, I snagged the rear work lamp on my L6060 ROPS destroying it. Upon replacing it, I discovered that an identical replacement lamp including bracket to mount to the bracket attached to the ROPS by U-bolt (both undamaged in my case) retails for $153.** through Kubota Parts, whereas a...
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    MX 6000 Third Function Valve

    A close friend of mine is interested in an MX 6000 ROPS and I am advising him regarding options, etc. I cannot find the third function valve for the MX 6000 ROPS on the Kubota Build It Yourself website. Is this aftermarket only or has Kubota removed it from the site due to availability issues...
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    Rather Expensive Day Mowing With L6060

    Decided to do a bit of mowing with the L6060 ROPS today in a heavily obstructed area that I routinely mow about twice each year. Not much more than an acre but takes about 3 hours due to dozens, dozens, and dozens of cedar trees and steep ground. Backing in beneath each tree to clip grass and...
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    RTVX-1100C Availibility

    Anyone shopped for an RTVX-1100C lately? If so, how is availability and delivery time? I've heard that they are just about unavailable and think this might be a good time to sell the one that I have but do not use. SDT
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    Breaking L6060 Stabilizer Brackets

    Anyone breaking the bracket that attaches the stabilizer bars to the lower lift arms on L6060 tractors? Bracket is a weldment with welded-on threaded stud to attack bracket to lift arm. Stud is held to lift arm with interference nut and lock washer. Left side bracket broke within warranty and...
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    L6060 Mowing.

    Worked the L6060 ROPS hard yesterday mowing former pasture ground (no fences or animals) that had not been mowed yet this year. Mostly orchard grass and fescue. Needed to cut it so that the dogbane can grow back before spraying (again) in a month or so. The dogbane will grow back more quickly...
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    SUDT Coupon

    Anyone noticed the $10/bucket coupon for SUDT2 on the Finance page of the Kubota website. Type in your model number and serial number and Kubota sends you a coupon code via email for 1-3 buckets. I received one today. Tough to get much of a discount on Kubota oils. SDT
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    RTVX-1100C LED Work Lights

    I have a rarely used RTVX-1100C bought new in 2017. When buying, I specified front work lights (dual) and rear work light(s) (only available in single). All are halogen. Yesterday, I viewed a new looking, municipally owned RTVX-1100C also with dual front work lights which looked identical to...
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    B1750HST Bi-Speed Turn.

    Readjusting the Bi-Speed turn clutch on my B1750HST has been on my list of things to do for several years and I'm hoping to tackle it this winter. I bought my B1750 new in 1993, it has never had a FEL or front weights on it, and I use the tractor only to mow my lawn with a 60" MMM and to plow...
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    M Series Remote Valves

    I use a detent valve on my M9960 to operate the single acting lift cylinder on my Woods BW-15.50 BW cutter. This valve is the standard position 1 valve on my 9960. Since inception, the mower has been annoyingly slow to lower, whereas raising speed is appropriate. Assuming that there was a...
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    Set-Up and PDI

    Many (most, all?) manufacturers pay their dealers for set-up and PDI. Anyone know conclusively if Kubota does? SDT
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    Any Steam RR Fans Here?

    I'm a big fan of reciprocating steam as well as a big RR fan. The video below shows Norfolk & Western 611, one of the very last steam locomotives built in the United States, doing what it was designed to do. The Norfolk & Western J class locomotives and her contempory Y class freight...
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    LX Series, R14T Tires, And Other Goodies From Louisville

    I just returned home from the International Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY where I saw my first LX3310 and LX2610. The 2610 is little changed from the 2650 aside from the expected availability of an optional "Swift-Tach" FEL, allowing attachment/detachment of the FEL without leaving the...