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  1. 1badDart


    I had a garden this year for the first time in many years. I used a spot where my mother had her garden when I was young, there probably hasn't been a garden there in over 50 years. After breaking it this spring, I was not surprised to find the spot had a hard pan at about 8". So, all summer...
  2. 1badDart

    M6060 rear hydraulic remote leak

    I put together a hydraulic top link for my M6060 and it has a leak on one of the female couplers on the tractor. It's not leaking at the connection but rather around the hard black plastic piece near the back of the coupler. Does anyone have a exploded drawing of the coupler? From what I can...
  3. 1badDart

    M6060 work lights

    I finished up my work lights today, the paint had dried for two days on the brackets so it was time to install them. I used the existing wiring in the ROPS to power the lights, the power runs through a lighted rocker switch on one of the supports at the roof.
  4. 1badDart

    M6060, ECU NG Error code **Fixed**

    While installing led work lights today I blew fuse 1, the work light fuse. When I removed the blown fuse from the panel fuse 2 came out also, the meter backup fuse. I replaced it and installed a new work light fuse, then I noticed the key was on. I didn’t think much about it until I started the...
  5. 1badDart

    Three point hitch bushogs

    I've only been on this site for a couple months but grew up on a farm and have operated tractors all of my life. I've noticed in several photos of tractors and 3ph bush hogs with standard threaded top links. Has anyone ever used a chain in place of the top link? We always ran a chain (I still...
  6. 1badDart

    M6060 Grill Guard Mod

    I like to carry a chain on my tractors and have always built a bumper (if possible) with a box to hold them. With the grill guard on the M6060 it was pretty easy. Also added a cross bar because I've bent the grill a couple times. The welding is done, I just have to pick up some paint and it'll...
  7. 1badDart

    New Orange Owner

    Not new to tractors, having grown up on a farm I’ve been running them for 50 years. That makes me feel old, LOL. Anyway I recently bought a 2019 M6060 front wheel assist, ROPS with canopy, 225 hours with a loader, 6’ grapple, 6’ bucket, 42” forks, a 7” pick up disk and a 6’ bush hog. This...