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  1. BXHoosier

    Land Pride PD10

    Yesterday, I bought a Land Pride PD10 PHD and 9” auger for the BX to drill some holes for my deck rebuild/ expansion and a planned vinyl rail fence project. Wife said she didn’t wanna see me having to dig the holes by hand and told me to just go buy a PHD for the tractor. She didn’t have to tell...
  2. BXHoosier

    BX24 winter cab build

    For a while, I’ve been wanting to build a winter cab for my BX24. It seems that the only time we get enough snow to use the tractor, the temps are in the teens or single digits F and the wind is blowing. I’m using 2”x2”x1/8” angle iron for the brackets, wood for the frame, and 0.22” plexiglass...
  3. BXHoosier

    BX 3-point height indicator

    In the thread about changing the BX 3-point to position control, someone mentioned adding an indicator instead. I decided to add a pointer in the slot intended for the optional rear remotes. Today, I got the pointer made and mounted. The pointer is attached to a delrin plastic piece that pivots...
  4. BXHoosier

    Shop press build

    I’ve been wanting/needing a press in my shop for years. I almost bought a Harbor Freight 20 ton press a while back but luckily they didn’t have any in stock. After reading lots of negative reviews, I decided to build my own the way I want it. Yesterday, the stars aligned and I got most of the...
  5. BXHoosier

    Beware crazy neighbors!

    This happened Wednesday about 5 miles from me. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like living in fear from a neighbor that makes constant death threats. I’m not sure if the police were aware of his hostility before it all went terribly wrong...
  6. BXHoosier

    Loader boom pole

    I’m going to be building a loft in part of my barn and I’ll need a way to lift some 2x12s and set them in place. Since I have a hitch receiver on my pallet fork frame, I decided to build a simple boom pole to give me enough reach to lift the boards. With the boom straight up, it measures 11’ 2”...
  7. BXHoosier

    BX hydraulic backhoe thumb build

    I have decided to build a hydraulic thumb for the backhoe on my BX24. I recently added dual rear remotes with the intention to use them to control a thumb. The 2 spool valve hooks up inline with the backhoe. Today, I mocked it up with 3/8” plywood. The upper mount will be welded to the dipperstick.
  8. BXHoosier

    Loader/3pt pallet forks/Grapple

    When I built my loader bucket pallet forks, I planned to build a frame to also be able to use the forks on the 3 pt hitch. Today, I started measuring and cutting steel for the frame. What I have done so far was made from materials I had in the shop. I am going to add a receiver hitch to the...
  9. BXHoosier

    Infinite height bucket level indicator

    I decided to try my hand at building a level indicator that would work at any height. I wanted it mainly for my hang-on pallet forks since they are impossible to see from the seat to know if they are level. Here is what I came up with. The linkage from the bucket rotates the white dial that is...
  10. BXHoosier

    New guy from Indiana

    Hi guys. I’m Adam and I bought my first Kubota in July. A friend sold me his 2007 BX24 w/ 260hrs on the clock. So far, I’ve built a set of bucket forks, a rear ballast, and added lights to the ROPS. I’ve also been messing around with ‘60s and ‘70s IH Cub Cadets since 2009.