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  1. Dieseldonato

    La 302,352 arm width

    Anyone happen to know what the arm width center to center is for a la 302, or la 352? I've been unable to find a loader for my b7510 but have materials to make one. Wanted to keep the factory width so I can swap out to pre made attachments instead of having to Fab mounts every time. Thanks.
  2. Dieseldonato

    B7510 pto 540 or 980 rpm selection

    Good evening everyone. I'm not new to equipment by any stretch, but I've just purchased a B7510 and seen it had a 980 rear pto option. I can't for the life of me figure out how to select it, or where the lock plate that needs removed to operate it is. I have a finish mower for an old yanmar that...