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    Hydraulic top link for MX6000

    Hi folks, looking to get a quality but inexpensive hydraulic top link for my MX6000 tractor. I don't care about tilt just the top link. Already have the remotes. I understand the MX is a Cat 1/2 hitch. Doing some quick research, it appears there are 2.5" cylinders and 3" cylinders, and most of...
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    Stationary PTO switch doesn’t work MX6000

    Unless I’m doing something wrong. I know the switch is connected to something because when the tractor starts and the gauges do their little sweep and all the warning lights turn on for a second…that stationary pto switch lights up then goes out. But no matter what I do, I can’t make it light up...
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    Rammed the loader valve on MX6000 cab and damaged it. Can I still use the tractor?

    Yesterday I was backing up a steep grass reservoir dam covered with thick, dense vegetation. At the very top, I suddenly felt the loader joystick move and slam into my leg. At first I was puzzled how the stick could move on its own, especially since the loader is not currently on the tractor...
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    Grand L 60 cab tractor owners - need a quick favor

    Hi folks, Could someone pull the metal screen that protects the AC condenser and just give me a quick measurement of width x length of the screen? This is the first screen that pulls straight up to remove, not the larger one for the radiator that slides out sideways. I now have an MX6000 cab...
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    MX condenser screen is worthless

    So I spent a few hours on a hot day last week out in a tall field just running a flail mower. Grass was pushing up to nearly the top of the hood. Mine is an MX 6000 cab model. After about an hour, the AC started to get warm. After 75 minutes, the temp gauge climbed. I shut down to clean the...
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    Kubota Z421 zero turn mower steering levers not wanting to go back into neutral position

    I've noticed on my Z421 mower that the control levers are sometimes reluctant to go back into the neutral "slot" position. Is there some adjustment or lubrication that can be done on these?
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    Upgrading MX lights to LED

    The MX series has disappointing lighting. The headlights are 35/35 low and high beam wattage, just with the filament in a different spot. The cab model I am getting has front and rear work lights but they are also 35w each. I often work at night or in the winter and like bright lighting. Does...
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    Traded L4060HSTC for MX6000 cab

    I traded my L4060 cab for an MX6000 cab yesterday. I’ve had the L4060 about 3 years. It’s an awesome tractor. I needed more PTO horsepower. I didn’t want to spend for an L6060. The Grand L60 has a number of luxury features I’ll miss, especially the HDS, electronic cruise control, linked...
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    What do I need to be able to use a hydraulic grapple on my Grand L 4060?

    I have a 2019 L4060 HSTC. It has no remotes on it at all, but does have the 805 loader. I'm thinking of buying a hydraulic grapple so I know I need hydraulic power to the front; possibly add some buttons to the joystick, as well? Anyone have part numbers of what I need? Thanks in advance.
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    Seeming engine knock heard right at startup until engine is revved up - L4060

    OK guys, it seems like the engine in my 2019 model year L4060 with somewhere around 400 hours on it is making a knocking sound right when I start it up. It will continue to lightly knock until I rev it up, or until maybe 30 seconds to a minute passes. (I don't rev it high when I rev it, just...
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    How to deal with liars

    Imagine inviting some friends over to your place for a nice dinner and gathering, and you're all out on the deck. Some loudmouth who came with someone else notices your brand new Super Duty truck sitting in the driveway and promptly begins to "educate" you on why you made the worst possible...
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    Temporary power steering loss on nearly new L4060

    I now have about 200 hours on my L4060 HSTC which I bought a year ago. Ever since new, I notice at times when rapidly steering (say trying to turn around in a tight spot...turn hard one direction and pull forward, then rapidly turn hard the other way and back up) suddenly feels like you...
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    Hydraulic fittings on loader won’t go back on

    I have taken the loader on and off without issue several times on my one year old L4060. I had taken it off two days ago, and in trying to put it back on two of the four hydraulic quick connects will not go back on. They are the bucket curl and dump fittings. All of the valves are free on the...
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    L4060 steering problems / hydraulic issues?

    Hi everyone, I've been recently using my 8 month old L4060 to run a 6-foot flail mower on slopes. It's been doing pretty well...a little low on HP in the thick stuff or when hill climbing, but otherwise good. My concern is that the tractor seems to be doing some weird things related to the...
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    L4060 leaking hydraulic fluid at fitting on loader

    Hi folks, my 6 month old, 30 hour L4060 HSTC is leaking fluid out of the left side loader arm at the fitting on the metal line which feeds the right side lift cylinder. It only seems to leak if you leave the loader off the ground, so it has some pressure on it. I checked the fitting for...
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    Why does one side light up solid when turn signal is on?

    Although I've known its been like this for years, does anyone know the logic of lighting up one turn signal "solid" while the other one blinks? Seems counter-intuitive to me. At least my Grand L has self-cancelling turn signals!
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    Fuel beep works great!

    Just refilled my L4060. I put the key on the second position and began filling. I was a little below half a tank. As the fuel neared the top, an intermittent beeping began. As it got more full, the beeping became quicker, before finally becoming continuous when it was full or just about full...
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    Adding outside temp display?

    Anyone added an outside temp display like a car has?
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    Noticed a few things poking around under the hood of my L4060

    My tractor is an L4060, meaning a non-turbo V2403 4-cylinder engine. I noticed it does have an EGR cooler, which sits under the exhaust manifold on the left side of the tractor. The cooler has a pipe which goes around the back side of the engine to the right side and into the EGR valve, which...
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    L4060 steering shaft grommet

    I noticed the grommet on the floor of my cab where the steering shaft passes through was completely pulled out, leaving a hole. I was able to reset it. There is a metal clip on the small end of the grommet that seems to cause the whole grommet to twist as the steering is turned. Anyone else have...