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  1. radas

    Metalheads of OTT 🤘

    I present to you, a topic in offtopic that has a low probability of getting locked or deleted. Share songs, bands, stories, upcoming concerts, music videos, etc... Here's my contribution - couple of my favorite bands:
  2. radas

    Talk me out of buying a Woodmax WM8H

    Just as the title says, talk me out of buying one. The CFO is not a fan 😂 We don't have a ton of property right now, but we do have a lot of trees and saplings that I've spent many hours clearing/burning/hauling offsite. I refuse to rent a tow behind chipper for $600/day so I've paid a few...
  3. radas

    Lifting with Chain/FEL

    Tractor gurus, I need some advice on how to tackle an upcoming project. The front porch on our house is trashed and needs getting. I've ordered 6 precast piers to replace the 4 in-ground 4x6s holding up the 6x28 porch as well as a 6x28 roof overhang. The piers come with 1/2-13 rod and are in...
  4. radas

    Hydraulic SSQA PHD

    Have a big project coming up that will require us to demo our front porch (built like a deck) that also supports a roof overhang. I have had a hell of a time trying to find a decent contractor in Michigan to come and do either: 1. Dig 4 18"x48" footings for 6x6 piers to support roof overhang...
  5. radas

    Bucket thumb or grapple

    Quick question for you grapple owners and hydraulic thumb owners. I don't have a huge lot, however, I do have a few days in the spring and a few days in the fall (and typically one day after major storms) where I do branch/twig cleanup around the lot. I am leaning towards ordering pallet forks...
  6. radas

    What grease are you all using?

    Going to pull the trigger on the lube shuttle system and wanted to see what grease everyone is using for the various grease fittings on the FEL, BH, and drivetrain components on your CUTs. I watched this Tractor Time with Tim video and another one by Airtec (a distributer of Lube Shuttle...
  7. radas

    New Member New CUT

    Evening all, New Member from MI, loads of great information here and awesome orange tractors. I've been lurking for a while on here and TBN and decided to create an account now that i have a deposit on my CUT. We have 1 acre that needs quite a bit of work. Previous owners left many felled...