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    In need of tie rod and ends L2002DT

    Hello, I thought perhaps someone on the board would be able to point me in the right direction re: sourcing the following parts for an L2002DT, or a cross reference to part numbers for a North American model that is a match: 1) tie rod. Part Number 38380-4404-1 2) tie rod end (left) PN...
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    L2002DT maintenance part numbers

    Hello, Since I have found it to be a bit of a challenge to find reliable information on this tractor, I thought I would post some parts info in case it will be of use to someone else: I just did a bit of overdue work on the tractor: changed the engine oil and filter, hydraulic oil and filter...
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    L2002dt and ROPS

    Has anyone installed a ROPS on the L2002 or similar model? I'm wondering if one for a similar North American L-series of approximately the same vintage (late 70's / early 80's) would fit, or if anyone has fabricated anything up for a mount that they could share photos of. I'm aware of the...