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  1. Fordtech86

    Gear heads

    doesnt matter, they still gonna have to be programmed back… edit: this is if you have seperate wheels/sensors for each set of tires. If it’s just a tire swap then wheels need marked or reprogrammed for position when swapped back (if it’s a vehicle that does display individual tire pressure or...
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    Cold starts: what is your preferred RPM setting??

    IAC valves, air injection pumps, what the hell is a carburetor? 😂 think that info maybe be 20 plus years past it’s prime 🤣 but they do have programmed strategy to get engine and converters up to operating temp as quickly as possible for emissions, durability, and driver comfort…
  3. Fordtech86

    Gear heads

  4. Fordtech86

    Gear heads

    BTW what ended up being the heat issue?
  5. Fordtech86

    Gear heads

    It doesn’t update instantly, some of them you have to drive a little bit too before they will update on the dash. It shows the wrong tire likely do to it having tires rotated or replaced at some point and tire positions not relearned to the truck.
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    Self-Check-out at Walmart

    Which one of y’all did it? 😂
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    I got a Spartan (if you know the history of Bad Boy and Spartan…). Bought in 2017 and have had zero issues with it, its around 350 hours. Kohler powered.
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    Electric Car in your future?

    they work good in Louisiana 🤣
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    Electric Car in your future?

    And go ahead, they don’t sign my paycheck 😂😂😂
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    Electric Car in your future?

  11. Fordtech86

    Electric Car in your future? 🤣🤣🤣
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    Why are we yelling 😂 i see a quote, not a contract… It is an unfortunate situation though none the less edit: the manufacturer only gives a MSRP…sale prices are set by the dealer…
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    Daily Chuckle

  14. Fordtech86

    Reverse mortgage

  15. Fordtech86

    Daily Chuckle

  16. Fordtech86

    Where do you keep your small money?

    wish I woulda known then, I was born a few months later 🤣
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    Backhoe slowly declines when stored

    I may be missing something, but the stabilizers and hoe bucket will drift down over weeks, but how does it hit the ground with the boom lock engaged? edit: I’ve never parked mine without the boom locked, but suspect it would leak down as described…
  18. Fordtech86

    Anyone build a 'replica' Cobra?

    Love it!!! Very nicely done.
  19. Fordtech86

    Little things that make life easier

    too late 😂 son does get to drive the super duty around the yard, momma gets a little nervous when I have him move her car around 😂
  20. Fordtech86

    Little things that make life easier

    Little things that make life easier 🤔 They make yard work a lot easier 😁 both of them love being outside working around the yard and gardens (of course they gotta have something to drive 😂)