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  1. mcfarmall

    Mixing hydraulic oil

    I get used hydraulic oil from work, changed out annually from a hydraulic unit that only runs about 25 hours per year. Works just fine in the log splitter and Farmall Touch Control system...and it's FREE!
  2. mcfarmall

    Polyurethane Snowplow Cutting Edges

    Get a slab of UHMW from Good Works Tractors.
  3. mcfarmall

    Do you reverse your rear blade for snow ... any issues?

    Nope. I shorten the top link all the way which reduces the positive rake of the cutting edge to near zero. Works great pulling or pushing, and a lot less work overall. I rarely use the FEL bucket in the winter.
  4. mcfarmall

    L3560 two operational questions

    I recently picked up a Kubota full line catalog from my dealer. There is a lot of stuff in that publication! Everything from tractors to construction equipment to lawn mowers! I can hardly fathom the number of hours that salesmen spend learning the intimate details of operation for each...
  5. mcfarmall

    Ready for winter

    I've already plowed snow three times. We got 2 feet last week.
  6. mcfarmall

    Buying Mod'ed Tractors

    I only buy new tractors so I can't weigh in on this one.
  7. mcfarmall

    Getting ready to retire, what did you treat yourself with?

    That cuck hubby will most likely be a milquetoast castrated anti-gun passivist whose pronouns are they/them. I think you'll survive. They'd be on the floor in the fetal position sucking their thumb.
  8. mcfarmall

    Getting ready to retire, what did you treat yourself with?

    I'm stockpiling toys NOW while I can work some OT to pay for them and enjoy them while I'm still physically able. I buried my brother a year ago due to a life cut short by ALS. Less than 2 years from diagnosis to crossing over the Jordan. I'm going to enjoy the good life right now.
  9. mcfarmall

    Flat Face Coupler

    Are you relieving the pressure on the tractor lines AND on the attachment lines? I made a pair of these to plug into my grapple to bleed off any built up pressure in the lines
  10. mcfarmall

    Sending unit threads

    Should be the same as the sending unit (pressure switch) that turns the idiot light on and off.
  11. mcfarmall

    Snowblower chute idiot bars…

    I don't have a snowblower, but if I did, I would remove them. If you need a physical barrier to keep you from sticking your hand down the chute then you truly are a special kind of stupid.
  12. mcfarmall

    Hydraulic hose treatment?

    John Deere Tire and Rubber Conditioner
  13. mcfarmall

    Im sure its simple

    I've not had any issues with my built-in receivers interfering with anything.
  14. mcfarmall

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Cleaned up a big hickory that blew down last Saturday. About 32" DBH. Took about 6 hours. I tried to stand it back up and flop over the opposite way but it wasn't happening. I stood it up and cut it about 10" above ground level. Tractor picked up the 8 foot logs with little effort!
  15. mcfarmall

    L2501 vs a maple stump

    Holy smokes! That's a whopper!
  16. mcfarmall

    To all my Brothers and Sisters

    Thanks to all who served! I'm sorry that our country has begun circling the drain.
  17. mcfarmall

    Straps or Chains for trailering?

    I like weld-on grab hooks and chains.
  18. mcfarmall

    OK gear heads

    Another possibility to throw out there is a malfunctioning blend door actuator or a foreign object that is preventing the blend door from moving.
  19. mcfarmall


    The OTT ROPS police however, will have their way with you!😁