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  1. Matt Ellerbee

    Heater bypass valve

    My to and from beater is the same way. With the A/c too. 1997 Nissan hardbody.
  2. Matt Ellerbee

    new mods

    Can’t wait for pictures. As for the chain holders, have you looked into a grill guard, for that grapple you will be buying soon?! Lol. Seriously, you need a grapple. I have a lown performance on my MX with a chain box. Very handy and is right there near the bucket. I’m sure other manufacturers...
  3. Matt Ellerbee

    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    Since you have a signed agreement, make dealer stick to it, or get your cash back and find another dealer.
  4. Matt Ellerbee

    Daily Chuckle

  5. Matt Ellerbee

    Daily Chuckle

    It’s officially “dig through 6” of carhartt to find 2” of pecker” season.
  6. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I didn’t feel like man handling them, that's a 395 with 28" bar for scale, so they were noodled once. Should have went to quarters, the halves were still heavy. And the noodles make very good tender.
  7. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Making some usable BTU’s. Husky 395 is a straight beast.
  8. Matt Ellerbee

    Compression Test Adapter

    This is what I'm finding. I don't have the mower with me, we are waiting on space in shop, just want to be ready once it arrives.
  9. Matt Ellerbee

    Rear hydraulics

    I was incorrect. The float valve goes in the #2 spot. Not mine, but here is a picture. The valve will fit in the 3rd position, but I believe the lever doesn't have enough "throw" in the bracket to be useful. This is on a 6000. Your 4800 will be different lever layout.
  10. Matt Ellerbee

    Compression Test Adapter

    Wolfman, I see these are glow plug adapters, do you know of an injector adapter for a D1305? As well as a test kit? I am chasing a no start and leaning towards a possible blown head gasket due to overheat at work.
  11. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    What the hell?! You were just splitting wood two days ago and it looked nice out. What happened? Looks nice, but I would not want to live with that crap.
  12. Matt Ellerbee

    Turbo BX2200

    I Lol'd at Hong Kong hairdryer. Sounds good too!
  13. Matt Ellerbee

    MX6000 Grapple users

    Enjoy this can of worms you just opened.
  14. Matt Ellerbee

    Weird experiences you've had...

    That’s a battery charger.
  15. Matt Ellerbee

    40,000 Ford Super Duty trucks at a closed race track in Kentucky.

    I'll take a crew 250 Tremor please.
  16. Matt Ellerbee

    Best Time To Buy?

    Not really anymore. Tried flopping a big ol wad of cash at camper dealer last year or so, no dice. We got a better price using their financing, and paying off on first bill.
  17. Matt Ellerbee

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    We’ve been having problems with trucks and jeeps on our property. Well one of them finally got stuck. Had to pull him out with the tractor.
  18. Matt Ellerbee

    Considering an L3902 but want to be able to plow steep driveway. Dealer has an L3302 in stock. Need help

    No idea. I have a MX with wheels set wide and 600ish pounds of weights on them. And usually 800ish pounds hanging off the 3 point. It is very stable while using the loader. Anything can rollover given the correct circumstances.