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    Kubota Restores Some Of Their Classics

    Looks pretty cool to me. Not sure I could get my better half to agree to wear that outfit whilst driving it though. :cool:
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    Ugh. That's also quite poor. I'd be writing to Kubota (who I think control the actual pricing here), and explaining the history, the promises along the way, and what's now happening. I feel like I've seen multiple stories of Kubota making things right in this kind of situation.
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    My opinion (realising that opinions are worth what you paid for them) 1. You have a quote with a validity date till Dec 2021. 2. You accepted that quote, and paid the down payment. So the quote has been exercised 3. The payment of the down payment turns that from a quote to a contract - because...
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    I find I can usually read a contract and understand it. I'd get a lawyer when you need one, not before. But it depends how comfortable you are with what contracts mean.
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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    I'd start by working through with the dealer, in person, and based on whatever evidence you have that says fixed price. Get them to explain exactly why they believe the contract lets them increase the price. I find this often forces the issue. When you say "here's my contract, it says fixed...
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    2023 L2502

    I think the engine is the same. The PTO clutch has moved to a switch, so it must not be mechanical any more. I think that's probably a good thing. And the transmission is of course whatever you buy - gear drive or HST. I'd get the HST personally.
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    Purchasing a Grapple, looking for opinions with any issues on hose connections.

    Interesting. On my B the covers on the male always come off, the covers on the female are really solid because they click in. The covers on the male seem to have stretched so they have no purchase. On the upside the males are pretty easy to wipe clean, whereas dirt in the female is pretty hard...
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    Is it worth messing with

    Those front tires look.....different than I'd expect. I'm used to seeing a ridge around them, they don't look to have much lateral purchase.
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    Is it worth messing with

    Yup. They power lift, but have no down force. So they will always free float upwards.
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    Is it worth messing with

    Ugh. I misread the lift arms as being loader arms. OK, so no loader to salvage. But still an OK machine.
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    Is it worth messing with

    If you buy it, and spend time on it, it's only your time and maybe a bit of parts and consumables like fluids and filters. Hard to go to wrong as long as you're having fun. If you get to the end of it and it doesn't go, you've only got $1,000 and some time in it, and probably learned something...
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    Looking to buy a new or used L3902 0r 3901 opinions?

    Heh. Are you selling it again, or looking for affirmation that you got a good deal? My general rule is that once I buy something I stop asking about the price. I once bought a car, and then stupidly asked a different dealer for a price. Which was cheaper, but too late to back out of the deal I...
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    3-PT Linkage for L295F

    Have you tried Messicks? They ship, and they seem to have access to quite a few parts, and good knowledge of what other parts may fit.
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    Tractor Turning Radius.

    Do you have the transmissions right on that? I thought the BX would have a Kubota transmission, the GR perhaps not. May make sense to include the BX2380 if you're including JD tractors in that price range. The JD X series are quite different than the JD 1-series, surprised they're that...
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    Dealer & Delivery issues

    Different answers for different parts. I'll do them in order. 1. The hood. It's not that bad, mine are far worse, but again mine weren't there when I bought it. You paid for a new one, it shouldn't be delivered scratched like that. I'd seek something from them, and something that will make...
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    Condition at delivery

    You paid for a new one. If you wanted a used one, you could have paid less. Up to you whether to make a thing about it - but in my case I cared. I park my tractor under cover, and take reasonable care of it. One dealer I went to had a few in stock but they had rust on them already. He was very...
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    Surprise: B26 TLB available below MSRP

    I was just wondering who would resurrect such an old thread. :-) Now I know. That's a long wait.
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    New LX3520 & LX4020 coming next spring.

    Ah. I've wondered about a PTO generator before. Around here they seem to cost about as much as a dedicated standalone generator.
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    New LX3520 & LX4020 coming next spring.

    Enough for any implement that it can sensibly lift. :-)
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    84 L355SS for $7k is it worth it?

    I'm not as scared of high hours as others. Kubotas are reasonably durable. Look for signs of poor maintenance and things that are already broken when you buy it - those are a problem. Yes, an old machine will need fixing. But only when you break it, if you're reasonable careful with it then...