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    SOLD. Cub Cadet Zero Turn

    For anyone interested.... Cub Cadet Pro Z 100 commercial mower. 2018 model with 20hrs. A zero turn with conventional steering contol. Has 25hp Kohler fuel intected engine. In like new condition. Current model lists for $8500. Priced at $6500. Located in IL, near St. Louis. Send me a PM if...
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    Parts for G4200/5200/6200 mower

    Let me clearly state up front, I do not have any parts for sale. I am putting this out there for members in the southern IL & greater St. Louis area that might be searching for parts for this series of mower. I have commited to purchase some parts from a fellow in OH, with plans to pickup in...
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    Gasoline dispensing hose.

    Since getting a 50gl diesel transfer tank and pump for fueling tractor and mower, fueling is now world's better. To further streamline things, I have purchased a smaller tank (10 gl) for my gasoline powered equipment. Just a gravity feed that has a 10' x 1/2" hose. I want to make the...
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    New seat on G5200

    The seat on the G5200 was getting tired, specifically the metal pan was cracked and broken. The vinyl I had replaced 15 years ago was still in good shape, so i kept it for some future use. Scored a seat for a BX series (I think) and installed it this morning. Had to make a sub-frame to adapt...
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    Scan tool shopping

    Looking for recommendations on a scan tool for vehicles. Something for home DIY use, compatible from late 90's GM to 8-12 year old Nissan and Toyota models. Want to be able read and clear codes, and see parameters of various systems. Prefer a dedicated tool, not a wifi dongle for your phone.
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    REGEN counter

    My brother and were discussing our Kubotas (I have a 3301) and it got me there a way to learn the number of REGEN cycles your tractor has performed? I have had an error code show on the display before, and was able to clear it. Wondering if it is able to show this info as well...
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    G5200 staring issue

    Have had a problem recently whereby my G5200 mower requires a boost to battery to start it. Investigating things have shown starter solenoid terminal voltage drops to 10v when key is turned to start. Bypassing key with a push button from starter batt terminal to solenoid terminal, engine will...
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    Brush cutter gear box noise.

    Is this an issue....after I finished cutting field today, disengaged PTO on Landpride brush cutter and raised deck Parked & shut down tractor. Got off, removed ear plugs and noticed a clicking sound coming from mower gear box as blades were slowly coming to a stop. Grear box was warm, but...
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    What on earth...

    Found this on CL recently. This just seems wrong.
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    Sold my old tractor

    Said goodbye to my trusty old Iseki last Sat. Listed on CL and sold in less than 2 weeks. Got my asking price too! Here she is loaded on my rig headed out to new owner. Wish I could have kept her, but no space to store. Plus the cash was needed to offset some of the Kubota purchase. "][/URL]