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    BX heater install

    Any reason this wouldn't work? Redirect hose from thermostat to the heater and run the return back to the water pump. I 'll add shut offs to bypass the heater in the summer and run the coolant from the thermostat directly back to the water pump.
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    barbed fitting for cab heater BX2370

    The inside diameter of the rad hose is 1 1/8 inches so I need a barbed T from 1 1/8 rad hose to 5/8 inch for the heater hose. Any idea on where I might get it?
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    Kubota BX2370 block heaters going open

    There is a problem with these as they go open after a very short time. Maybe the water drops below the heater a little and they burn out. You might want to check yours if it's older than two years. Time for an oil immersion heater.