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  1. coachgeo

    Kubota Powered Saturn Automobile

    I wish. I got enough as it is
  2. coachgeo

    Kubota Powered Saturn Automobile

    thought ya'll might like this. Only two episodes out. He has built a few fun oddballs.... His last was a 2cyl Aquaculture/Industrial/Recreational Preditor swapped into a Honda Insight. Anyway..... here is first video on the Kubota Swap Robot Cantina PS... wish he was putting the...
  3. coachgeo

    WTB BT750 Green Solenoid

    top of the forum...... top of each forum for that matter. Providing link below. Hope folk have added to the info there.
  4. coachgeo

    admin help, is there any to be had?

    @North Idaho Wolfman
  5. coachgeo

    admin help, is there any to be had?

    The tools to solve your problem are only available to the Admin ( @Mr. K ) Apologize. He is rarely here.... busy running a Kubota business if I understand the history right. He will get around eventually. Sorry for the delay
  6. coachgeo

    Who's getting a handout in your neighbor hood?

    mayyyyyybe your xyz's caused the issue as much/more than pandemic.... but debatable which xyz.. were a benefit and with were a detriment ..... but!!!! xyz... is way to big a pill to swallow-n-hash out in a tractor discussion board . So let's not
  7. coachgeo

    Who's getting a handout in your neighbor hood?

    notice that all the things done above to create tax deductions are good for Joe Public!!!! . Give charity.. helps those in need . improve your biz (which opens more jobs), . buy newer equipment (which opens more manufacturing jobs... someone has to make the new stuff) That was the whole...
  8. coachgeo

    Who's getting a handout in your neighbor hood?

    abuse (aka ill gained handouts) ..... media jumps on it...... but the other side the press does NOT speak on... but a very few notes at the beginning of PPP roll out 1. They knew there would be abuse 2. they could avoid the abuse in most part but maybe the slickest of business scum by taking...
  9. coachgeo

    Who's getting a handout in your neighbor hood?

    the percent in the industry I work (youth sports) that took PPP survived......... the rest did not. I'd day 30% of the industry DIED. It has been devastating to the industry. Many dreams of good good people killed... and would have been significantly more if it were not for PPP. Youth sport...
  10. coachgeo

    quick disconnects in coolant for portable diesel coolant heater

    I got three small-ish diesel vehicles .. of which none would be used at same time.... so I would like to share one diesel fired coolant heater unit. via Tees in the appropriate hose with the free 3rd let leading to a quick connect hose. Would be done for both inlet and outlet of coolant to...
  11. coachgeo

    Lil Help here

    Some interesting points..... Thanks to those who included supporting documents. BTW-- the pop corn comments etc. does not help a damn thing ......actually makes it worse.... Overall ... since the opposing points have been made pretty clearly... members can pick thru it, learn from it, and...
  12. coachgeo

    curmudgeon, ruff around the edges, bully...... OH MY..

    thinking some folk are blending a bit to much into what the definition of a bully is. Old curmudgeon personalities have been around since dawn of time. Just keep that in perspective.... Spend some time in a nursing / rehab center with the elderly..... they will be so thankful... and you will...
  13. coachgeo

    this one Flip probably agree's with you lol.

    this one Flip probably agree's with you lol.
  14. coachgeo

    Point of information

    thread closed. Author member rightfully asked folk to view his post only as a "here it is.... mull over the information on your own. "
  15. coachgeo

    Adding hydraulic motor to L185

    Agree with BigG. Many older tractors used a LoveJoy coupler on the front of the crankshaft and rant a PTO pump off that to operate auz. implements like your proposing... as well as for add on FEL's etc.
  16. coachgeo

    L235 - Fire recovery

    amidst the embers and flames..... a tractor emerges. may this project bring you some solace. next step is to get a team of friends with tractors together and start maintaining the lands near you?
  17. coachgeo

    Delco Remy Starter Restoration - - 1953 Minneapolis Moline, and many others.....

    I got I think the same old starter. Presently replaced with a fork lift starter that is gear reduction. spins her so much better. see
  18. coachgeo

    Warranty Forgiveness

    thread locked.... its drifting off topic. Not so much a complaint it drifted off.... it happens easier these days understandably...... but since it appears to be at a potential point of no return to topic... Locking her down.
  19. coachgeo

    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    got 7/16th bolt in there.... only size close enough available. Will at some point get something better. Old starter was so weak the seller to get it started to pull it up on trailer.. loosened the three belt adjustment nuts on the cvt pulley spring to allow it to slip more so starter had less...
  20. coachgeo

    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    small update. while digging around with spare bolts and drill bits as sizers..... found the shear pin/bolt on was unbroken.. In the past had seen the nut end of this before; with no threads showing from the bolt when it was installed. Apparently the nut came off. the bolt is 3/8...