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  1. coachgeo

    Kubota Powered Saturn Automobile

    thought ya'll might like this. Only two episodes out. He has built a few fun oddballs.... His last was a 2cyl Aquaculture/Industrial/Recreational Preditor swapped into a Honda Insight. Anyway..... here is first video on the Kubota Swap Robot Cantina PS... wish he was putting the...
  2. coachgeo

    quick disconnects in coolant for portable diesel coolant heater

    I got three small-ish diesel vehicles .. of which none would be used at same time.... so I would like to share one diesel fired coolant heater unit. via Tees in the appropriate hose with the free 3rd let leading to a quick connect hose. Would be done for both inlet and outlet of coolant to...
  3. coachgeo

    curmudgeon, ruff around the edges, bully...... OH MY..

    thinking some folk are blending a bit to much into what the definition of a bully is. Old curmudgeon personalities have been around since dawn of time. Just keep that in perspective.... Spend some time in a nursing / rehab center with the elderly..... they will be so thankful... and you will...
  4. coachgeo

    Waukesha engine in a skid steer

    bought an old CASE 1537 with a transplanted Waukesha diesel (4cyl 180DCL). Waukesha Engine Historical society tells me that by serial number engine is 1957 vintage. Have been studying the drawings and workings of the engine. Was wayyyyyyy ahead of its time with swirl chamber in pistons AND...
  5. coachgeo

    Back again...... appologies

    not that anyone missed me lol my computer took a dump after a storm. Had to get a refurb. unit then re-figure out how to install linux. Been six years since done it last.
  6. coachgeo

    Hosted pic too large example

    Below is an example
  7. coachgeo

    220/440 motor question

    picked up a needed item that is powered off 220/440 motor. according to plate on the motor...... does that mean it is a dual phase motor? if it is just ... works for either... but slower on 220.... can I use 220v that is normally used for a kitchen oven? Got spare 220v from where...
  8. coachgeo

    Jacked up L245 FACTORY

    not mine and not posting cause it is for sale....... just cause it is interesting L 245 h high clearance tractor made for spray tomatoes belly 5 foot clearance company only built 8...
  9. coachgeo

    Hydraulic Pumps for tractor

    saw this on facebook market..... might be good project pump? ..." Selling for $100 a piece. They go for $500 a piece everywhere else. hydro gear 8303p10426...."
  10. coachgeo

    Does a Die work backward

    As in Tap and Die...... not rising one from the dead. as in if one has a bolt to shorten (sawzall) and sometimes that buggers threads on the end.... what if you put the correct die on it first..... cut off bolt to size..... then ran the die off backward to clean up the thread. Would keep all...
  11. coachgeo

    Can small loader from Old B fit on a small old L

    found a good priced loader that appears to be for an older B series cause it is only a 3' bucket and L models had a 4' bucket. (no model number sticker anymore... anyone know if it is stamped anywhere??) how hard would it be to fit it to an L225? course anything can be fabricated with time...
  12. coachgeo

    Posting Pics from Tapatalk and other URL's

    WARNING- like plenty of other picture hosting sites have done... most likely Tapatalk will STOP anyone from seeing the pictures you posted thru their website unless you pay a service fee... or the company will simply go out of business.. EVERY picture hosting service in the last 4 or so...
  13. coachgeo

    Back blade mod?

    saw below image elsewhere...... got me thinking.... you think that load binder he used to pivot the hole thing could be used similarly to pivot the blade itself while also acting as a replacement for the pin??? or would it not stand up to the torture? As typical the hole on used and abused...
  14. coachgeo

    L225 rear axle seal job... what else while there

    Got a rear axle seal leak on right/driver side. Sooooo gotta another job to do and sometimes its just better to do full service when such a large job is underway. So while in there.... what else should I be prepared to service???. rather badly wore out or not???
  15. coachgeo

    CO no longer titling any Military Vehicles for on road

    https :// /bills/sb19-054 Took affect Monday July 1st. Only parade's if kept in Military mode, otherwise off road only. This includes Military Vehicles from other countries. There are Expedition Truck builders based out of CO that build on Military truck chassis and just...
  16. coachgeo

    PayPal alternative... less costly & easier

    Just a heads up that folk can pay one another thru Facebook messenger. NO FEE's of any kind charged by facebook. In general am not big supporter of social media giants but sometimes you gotta take the good...
  17. coachgeo

    So what is it? root cellar?, well?,

    Found this in the brush on my property. I knew there was 3 walls of a pier and beam foundation.... that I assumed was after house built to become a garage (1959 house) but maybe it predates the house? somewhere nearby was formerly a Pay for Play lake... Im guessing a huge pond actually that...
  18. coachgeo

    sneak peak? freeze plug behind Gearcase L225

    Anyone got a sneaky way to see if the freeze plug (#6 in diagram) is still in place without removing Gearcase? Well crap.... diagram is way to shrunk to see... anyway.... those whom would know this answer is liable to know exactly what am referring to without needing to look at diagram...
  19. coachgeo

    sad end to my L225 (maybe?)

    adopted a former renter as his life went nuts and no longer could pay rent. Attempted to keep him busy around the house including maintenance when his brain seems to be firing on all cylinders.... sometimes it misfires mid task.... ok.... it often misfires mid task. Add my own stupidity and...
  20. coachgeo

    build a drive over yard- seek advice

    Am putting in a long drive around perimeter of my property. Wel not LONG. property only one acre. Part will go thru my yard with nice grass. I've got some areas that could use grass... but do not NEED it. Could spread grass seed. is it worth it dollar and cents wise to try to cut out grass...